Blux Camera. Simple and Smart.

Blux Camera is a new camera replacement app for the iPhone which has a wealth of features. The app that lets you apply a vast number of adjustments and filters with a live preview of the image. The adjustments you can make include a large number of filters, brightness, contrast, temperature, histogram, tilt-shift, shutter modes, etc. There are really a lot of live adjustments you can make!

Blux Camera GUI
Blux Camera GUI with all options turned on.

Here is the quick PR video about the app.

One of the big features is the P.E.A.R. technology (Photographic Environment Analysis and Recommendation). This will use your location, time, and image analysis to provide a suggestion for what settings you should use. In one case it told me to use “night mode, possibly with the Moscow filter due to limited light.” Nice! If you tap on the suggestion it will automatically adjust your camera to use those settings. Did I mention it speaks all this to you? It tells you your location, the current weather, and any suggestions it might have.

You can hear it speaking in this much more detailed review of the app on YouTube.

The iTunes description of the app uses the phrase “amazingly smart yet beautifully simple.” I’m not 100% sold on the simplicity. At least not at first. I had to use the app for about 20 minutes before I started to figure out what some of the features were and how to access them. It is very useful to go through the help pages and watch the movies. Eventually I started to get a better feel for it. After not using the app for a few hours I went back to it and remembered everything, which is always a good sign.

The Blux Camera website does have some nice videos to help you out, and also a full support section that really helped me out.

I was running this app on my iPhone 4S and the resolution is limited to 1600×1200 pixels (and even less on older devices). Not great. It’s supposed to be full resolution on the iPhone 5. I’ll be getting mine in a week and I’ll be able to confirm that. On my iPhone it didn’t always respond immediately to my swipes and touches. I think it is really pushing the limits of the iPhone 4S hardware or needs some coding tweaks to improve the performance.

On a number of occasions I got an error along the lines of “Can’t access PEAR” in the upper left corner where the P.E.A.R. button is located. Seems to need a connection to some place on the web (most likely to grab the weather information and more). This could be do to a large load of new users, or just some web problems due to Hurricane Sandy. Let’s just say a lot of things are down here on the East Coast right now, including large parts of Manhattan!

The app is only a month old, but it is already nice and polished. If the performance and resolution could be increased it could really be a great option for camera app replacement. I’m looking forward to getting my iPhone 5 next week to do a bit more investigation.

Normally the app is $2.99, but through Halloween it is free! Great deal.

Blux Camera on iTunes [download]


Description from iTunes

A revolution in camera app design, Blux Camera with P.E.A.R. technology is truly the world’s first intelligent camera!
You’ve got the latest and greatest iPhone 5… Now get the latest and greatest camera on the App Store!!!

Not $299 but for just $2.99 Blux Camera gives you all the quality of a compact built right into your iPhone plus some really unique features such as “P.E.A.R. Technology” that help you capture amazing photos and won’t be found on ANY other camera!

Truly an innovation, Blux Camera integrates an intelligent photographic assistant right into your pocket, allowing you to relax and focus on taking the perfect picture. Creating stylish, stunning photographs anywhere you go has never been easier! Imaginative and practical, this app is an absolute must-have for photographers of any level.

Amazingly smart yet beautifully simple, Blux Camera gives you all this and much more…


★ P.E.A.R. Technology
Developed by Blux Touch specifically for Blux Camera, this innovative technology stands for Photographic Environment Analysis and Recommendation.

★ Photographic Assistant
P.E.A.R technology includes a photographic assistant to analyze your environment and advise you every step of the way towards absolutely stunning photos.

★ Blux Mode
Randomly combines filters and modes for some really unique effects. Easiest way to capture visually stunning photographs. Just tap your way to amazing.

★ Creative Control
Blux Camera gives you complete creative control over your photos with filters, modes, real-time photo adjustments and more…

★ Imaginative UI
Super sleek 4-direction swipe interface with smooth touch controls and completely customizable user experience.

★ Retina Preview
Blux Camera takes full advantage of your iPhone’s HD retina display by giving you the power to see your photos in all their brilliance as you create and alter them in real-time.

★ Macro Shot
A fantastic macro shooting mode with magnified precision point focusing

★ International Filters
14 extraordinary filters named after world cities, custom made by photographers inspired by their travels around globe.

Blux Camera is optimized for iPhone 5 and iPod Touch (5th) in full resolution. iPhone 4S and iPhone 4 operate at a lower resolution at 1600*1200 and 1024*768 separately.

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  1. Thanks for your sympathies, Raman. But wait … There is an alternative since it is a free app – you can register an iTunes account in the Us (without a US credit card) that works for free apps 🙂

    So … Downloaded it!

    Initial thoughts … The interface isn’t very intuitive, and will require some learning via the tutorials and tips. The location and weather information spoken on your phone takes you quite by surprise – novel, but not sure how useful it is. Given this service, it is bizarre that geo-location information is not saved with the photos!!! And I can independently confirm that it saves at full iPhone 5 resolution (3264 x 2448 pixels).

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