Weekend Freebies: Retro Fashion

There are a number of free apps this weekend highlighted by a new iPhone app called Retromatic and a new panoramic app for the iPad.

I haven’t really used any of these apps, but I did give Retromatic a quick try. It does just a few things and saves at low resolution, but is kind of fun to make retro looking posters. I have a feeling younger people will enjoy it quite a bit. I just wish it had a few improvements, such as a way to erase portions of the mask you create.

Example of Retromatic
I used Retromatic to create this in just a few seconds.

Free apps:

Retromatic for iPhone, fun to make interesting retro posters
Panorama 360o HD for iPad, does panorama shots
Photo Frames Studio (Universal), combine/frame several photos
Scout Camera for iPhone, basic photo taking app
Blur It for iPhone, lets you blur out faces and things
Trgl (Universal), lets you triangularize your photos.

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