Black Friday…ugh, I Don’t Want to Hear More!

OK, I said it, but I’m going to do this post anyway. I really don’t want to keep up with the Joneses, but the pressure is killing me 🙂

Here are a few sales that caught my eye. Below this is a tree that caught my eye.

Note: Seems like a lot of the JixiPix apps are going on sale. Here is a link to all of their apps on iTunes.

Fall at UVA
A tree on the UVA campus was lit up by the sun on a really sunny fall afternoon. A few people were wandering around below it. Taken with iPhone, processed with Camera+.

Hope everyone is enjoying Black Friday in their own way. I’m heading out to take some more fall photos if the weather holds up. 65F today, 42F tomorrow…sounds like things are about to chill out.

PS. How did I manage to forget OSX software? Here are a few things for your Mac.

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