Looking Up at Tall Buildings

I’m back from my vacation in NYC and have been getting caught up on work this week. I ended up taking a few hundred photos while up there. I liked this shot of Radio City Music Hall that I created by using AutoStitch Panorama to stitch 5 photos together on my iPhone.

Radio City

You can create a photo similar to this using the iOS 6 panorama feature, but when using that feature the camera never adjusts the exposure as you pan the camera across a large region (at least from what I’ve seen). When the lighting varies a lot over the region it is better to take multiple shots with proper exposure in each region and then let the stitching software/app achieve a nice blend.

I’m pretty sure I also did a panorama of this same scene, but need to find it. If I can I’ll post that up here for comparison. I just remember that this stitched shot looked much better. I have a new iMac that should get delivered next week, so I’ll finally have a nice big computer to sort through years of photos. Can’t wait!

Since the year is almost over I’ll start doing some wrap-up posts about the best apps and programs of the year, so stay tuned.

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