My iMac is Up and Running!

I’ve been waiting for awhile, but today was the day. My new 27in iMac has arrived. I’m slowly getting things installed but it is taking a bit of time. I decided to go with a clean installation rather than transferring myself from my 6 year old computer. I don’t even want to think about some of the apps still on that thing.

Late 2012 27in iMac

By this weekend I’ll be nice and settled in and will be ready to do something productive, such as more blog posts!

Although this picture isn’t as pretty as the one from Apple, it was how things looked when it first arrived at work. Everyone wanted to see how pretty it was. At the end of the day it went back in it’s box and came home with me. I was amazed at how nice the packaging is. Easy to open, easy to repack, and minimal waste. Very impressive.

My new iMac
My new iMac as it was pulled out of the box. People in the office stood around looking at it. 🙂

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