Popsicolor Pops with Ink and Gradients in Latest Update

Popsicolor was updated to version 2 today, and the update is free for all the version 1 users. Good deal. It’s a major update with many new features. Here is the listing of what’s new:

★ Introducing Ink for incredible line drawing effects!
★ More Colors — New Warm & Cool color sets
★ More Focus options — Before there were 3, but now there are 16
★ More Gradient options — Before there was just 1, but now there are 24, including Duotone
★ More control with optional borders and the new auto-enhance feature
★ More sharing: Instagram (with built in square crop tool!), Twitter, Facebook, and more.
★ Speed, bug fixes, and other improvements

The ink and the new gradient options are my favorite (superb) additions to this app. I created this from a photo I took of the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in NYC when I was up there earlier this month. You can click on it to see the larger version on Flickr.

Apple in NYC

You can watch a nice video of Popsicolor 2 on the Popsicolor website. I really like this app. I’m hoping in the next version we get a bit more control over the amount of ink that is used. As with so many apps, you always want one more thing 🙂

Popsicolor is currently $1.99 on iTunes. [download]

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