Holiday Sales

If you are just getting your new iOS device for the holidays, or you have been having fun for a long time, here are a few apps that are on sale (or free) right now. I’ve tried most all of these.

  • MPro for iPhone. Free. Usually $1. MPro App is specially for Monochrome Photograph.Has been designed to capture high-quality black and white photography.
  • ProCam for iPhone. Free. Usually $1. A replacement camera app.
  • Fotomecha for iPhone. Free. Usually $2. Fotomecha is a continuous-shooting camera application that simulates multiple lenses.
  • Blux Camera for iPad. Free. Usually $2. A unique replacement camera app that allows you to fully utilize your iPad’s unique features, unlocking its powerful photographic capability.
  • TiltShift Effect for iPhone. Free. Usually $1. This is a new app for tiltshift, I haven’t yet tried it.
  • MiniatureCam for iPad. $1. Usually $3. Real-time tiltshift for video.

You can find more sales on the AppShopper photography page (‘popular’ apps and all photo apps). LifeInLofi also has a sales page.

Hope you are all enjoying the start of the holidays. Here is an image I created using a number of apps on my iPhone. I started (believe it or not) with a picture of my TV set when I was watching A Cat in Paris. I then used Moku Hanga to get the overall look. Using Percolator I created the stars in another image. I then took Image Blender to combine those two images. And to wrap it up I opened that image in Phoster and used the holiday card theme to get the text and the white trees.

Happy Holidays from

I wonder if Percolator could add a few shapes other than just stars? Hmmm… 🙂

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