Camera Boost Goes Universal

Camera Boost has been around for almost a year for the iPad, but was recently updated to be a Universal app (runs on both iPad and iPhone). It is a camera replacement app and I took it for a spin on my iPhone 5.

Overall the app is pretty good, but there are starting to be a lot of nice camera replacement apps out there (Blux Camera is one that pops to mind). The user interface took a few moments to understand, but then seemed really easy after that. It was actually a lot easier than some of the others which have started to get rather complex. I think my favorite thing about Camera Boost was the simplicity of being able to lock the focus, white balance, and exposure – very big and noticeable.

I was also really impressed with the “night shot” option. This allows you to take a shot in minimal light and have it look like you took it under bright lights. Here are three shots I took with my iPad. The room had one light in it. These shots are just the actual size of a small region. The first is the default iPad camera, the next is Camera Boost, and the last is Camera Boost with the night option. You can see the Camera Boost “standard” shot in a dark room was a bit noisier than the iPad by itself, but slightly better clarity. There is a noise reduction effect in Camera Boost, but I didn’t use it for that shot. With the night option turned on it was a world of difference. I was impressed by how little noise there was in that shot.

Sample images from Camera Boost on iPad

One problem I noticed on both the iPad and my iPhone is that the app would always crash after I deleted photos. Hopefully that one gets fixed in a future update. [Update: The developer let me know that this problem will be fixed in the next release.] When I save photos to my camera roll I noticed there was no meta data associated with the images, so it doesn’t include GPS coordinates, no time stamp, no camera make/model, etc. That makes it very difficult to deal with when I import the photos to my computer when trying to sort by date, location, and so on.

Currently Camera Boost is available for $2.99.

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