PicZoom is a Useful Utility

A new Universal app called PicZoom is rather useful in some situations, particularly for those that give talks with images, educators, and people that just want to point something out in a photo. One really nice thing is that it saves at full resolution.

Here is one example of something I might use if I was writing a blog post and wanted to talk about how I removed a problem in a photo. The one feature I’d like to see in this app is the ability to add an arrow from the small region to the zoomed region.

Example of output from PicZoom
Example of output from PicZoom

Piczoom is free right now for a limited time. You can download it on iTunes.


PicZoom helps you to make your photo self describing and clear to understand.

Make your photo look epic and brilliant with just a couple of taps!

● Add a focused and zoomed area to your photo
● Add text explanation with powerful text editor
● Change shape – rectangle, rounded corner and circle
● Change color
● Edit and decorate photo with powerful photo editor
● Save to album in full resolution, send emaiil and MMS
● Share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr

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