HDR, the HDR App with the Shortest Name

A new HDR (high dynamic range) Universal app was released earlier today with the fancy name: HDR. It is one of the fastest HDR apps I’ve tried. It uses the two shot technique and grabs a light and dark image, and then combines them to get the final image. The app lets you save the two original images along with the final image.

Here were two sample HDR images. For the one on the left my hand was a bit shaky and the app didn’t do a great job aligning the images. On the right I managed to hold my hand a bit steadier and you can see the difference. The two images further down were the dark and light images that were used to make the steady image on the right.

I managed to point my iPhone at a light bulb and get a shot where I can read the print on the bulb and get a clear view of the rest of the interior. That is a good HDR shot 🙂

HDR is a very fast Universal app that seemed pretty nice in my limited testing. In a daytime shot the final image looked similar to other HDR apps.

You can download this app on iTunes. It is currently free, so grab it quickly. Usually it is $2.

2 Replies to “HDR, the HDR App with the Shortest Name”

  1. If so, that would make HDR³ the second shortest name! Have you checked it out? Pretty cool because it actually takes three pictures and stack them with no visible halos at all.

    I haven’t use HDR (the app) intensively yet but I suspect it’s the same like in Top Camera, made by the same dev.

    1. Yep, I have HDR3. I do like that it does the 3 shots, but the challenge with that one is that I have a tough time keeping my hand still while 3 shots fire, and it doesn’t do a great job lining things up. If I have a surface to put it on that one is pretty nice though.

      I tend to use ProHDR most of the time, but really liked the speed of this new HDR. We’ll see if I end up switching, as I often do with apps 🙂

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