Oh What Tangled FX We Weave

Tangled FX is a new Universal app that makes you fall in love with it if you like creating nifty artwork. It takes photos and applies the “Tangled” effect. There are a wealth of presets that give a variety of appearances, and as soon as you turned on the advanced features you can have even more fun tweaking the parameters.

The best way to talk about this app is to show pictures. This image shows four different effects used on the same image, so you can easily see how varied the output can be. You can clearly see the effects, but here is a full size version of my favorite on Flickr.

Several different images created in Tangled FX
Tiny versions of several different images created in Tangled FX

Here are a few other images I created. A self portrait of myself (how I often feel while staring at a screen and programming all day long), a snapshot of a latte that had a unique design, a “nightmare” of train tracks, and some deep sea fishing. Click on any of them to see larger versions on Flickr.


Tangled Pac

Nightmare on Rails


From the description of Tangled FX:

Be the first to use the brand new Tangled effect and surprise your friends. Create art from images with just a touch of a button.

Watch the magic unfold in an animated photo process. You would never expect that your photos had such beauty hidden in them. All those tangled strokes, strings and swirls just pop out. And all of this in full HD 8-megapixel photo resolution.

Tangled FX is also a great showcase of how much heavy processing you can achieve on your small and handy device. All of this thanks to the shear awesomeness of your device’s GPU computational power. Great buy 🙂

The images it creates are unique, the app is simple to use, and there are a wealth of user options. Let’s just say this app can easily occupy any spare time you may have!

You can find out more on the Tangled FX website, and lots of interesting images in the Flickr Tangled FX Group. The Universal app is currently $1.99 and is available for download on iTunes.

TangledFX logo

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