Weekend Freebies Led by ‘Path on’

Wow, spring really arrived here in Virginia today. Sunny and 60. Even though the weather is gorgeous I figured I’d sit here typing and let you know about some nice discounts you can grab.

Image created with Path on (and ConsoleCam)
I added some text using the Path on app. The original photo was created in ConsoleCam (a $1 Universal app).
  • Polamatic for the iPhone lets you get that Polaroid look. Currently free.
  • Path on is a Universal app that lets you add text to a path you draw. Free!
  • iSupr8 lets you create video with the 8mm look. Free. I believe this was used to do part of an Oscar winning movie (or at least nominated).
  • AutoPainter for iPhone is free. It lets you create Van Gogh-ish art (and 3 other styles).
  • ProCam XL for the iPad is free. It’s a camera replacement app.
  • Blux Camera Pro for the iPhone is free. Also a camera replacement app.
  • Camera One for the iPhone is a new camera replacement app (and editor). I don’t know anything about this one, but it is currently free.

That’s all I have for the moment. Have a great weekend, and remember tonight you have to shift your clocks (for those here in the US – I’m not sure how many other countries do this, but I know I’m not a fan.).

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