Mid-March Musings

I’m somewhat in shock that mid-March has already arrived. Feels like the year is rapidly vanishing. My day job is keeping me busy as always, and I’m also spending time getting ready for the Flying Pig Marathon (in Cincinnati). My runs are getting longer, and after a run it always feels good to rest a bit. πŸ™‚

Image from the Charlottesville 10 Miler
I’ve almost finished the C-Ville 10 Miler (I’m on the right). Was edited in TouchRetouch, Big Lens, and Snapseed. Original was taken with DSLR by local photographer.

So, back to iOS photo apps. Here are a few I’ve tried out recently.

iPhotography Assignment Generator [download]

iPhotography Assignment Generator
Screenshots from iPhotography Assignment Generator

This iPhone app is all about ideas and assignments. Many people enjoy doing various daily photo (365) challenges. I’ve now made it up to 1,408 straight days with a photo. Sometimes getting an assignment is nice. This app can do that. There is a lengthy review posted on iOS Affairs (nice site name!)

The app is currently $0.99. The developer (who is a professional photographer) also has apps for DSLR assignments. There is a free version for both the iPhone and iPad, so try them out if you want to see what the app can do. Check out all the apps here.

ConsoleCam [download]

This Universal app lets you get a bit of a blast. (Note: I have an Atari 800 computer system box about 5 feet away from me right now. #geek)

ConsoleCam lets you see your photos as they would look on over 50 vintage consoles and computers with hundreds of variations. See what your puppy would look like on a ColecoVision, or your friend’s face on a Macintosh 128k, then easily share or save the results.

Here are a few of my creations. One feature I’d really love is the option to include the name of the console on the frame.

ConsoleCam Image
ConsoleCam Image
ConsoleCam Image
ConsoleCam Image

I sure looked good back in those days! As you can see, the final image can appear extremely different based on the graphics capabilities of the old computer/consoles. There is a nice review over on App Advice. The app is just $0.99 on iTunes.

Etchings [download]

When I first tried this app I thought it was nifty, but then I forgot about it for awhile. I recently started playing with it a bit more and have really enjoyed it. The Universal app is $0.99, and I also got the Florence FX Pack in-app purchase for another $0.99 (‘Alice’ in the pack is one of my favorites).

Created with Etchings App
Created with Etchings App
Created with Etchings App

That middle shot is pretty scary. I used InstaFishEye to take the original shot, then TangledFX, and finally in Etchings. The other two were more straightforward, and not as scary!

You can watch a video of the app over on the Etchings website. One thing that isn’t obvious in the app is the square cropping. When you first load the image you have to select a square region. Sometimes I don’t want a square image. To get the full image just select “Advanced Export” when you are about to share/save the image. That is where you can turn the crop off and the output image will then be the size of the original image (up to 3300×3300 pixels).

That’s about it for today. Three very different apps for a variety of users. Was that enough musing for mid-March? Hmm…let me think about it.

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  1. Thanks for mentioning the Photography Assignment generator apps!
    congrats on making it 1408 days straight! I hope my app will help you keep going and going and going…

    Thanks for sharing the other apps, I’ll have to try them out!
    Yes, that second photo i quite scary!!! πŸ™‚ The joys of image manipulation!
    Noel Chenier

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