ColorTime: A One Touch Color Adjustment Tool

ColorTime is a Universal app that is designed to let you easily adjust color and brightness on photos. It uses a rather unique way where you can select the entire photo to make adjustments or part of the photo using a ‘smart’ painting tool. From the description:

VertexGrade technology allows you to long-tap and drag to select part of your photo. You can then change just the area selected. Make as many selections and as many changes as you like, it won’t slow ColorTime down. As you edit, all changes are non-destructive, you don’t loose information.

Since it would take a lot of words to describe it I figured this video would give you a much better feel for how the app works (I sometimes wonder if I’ve become hooked on video rather than old fashioned words).

I’ve been using this app and it took a few minutes to get used to, but now it feels rather intuitive. Here is a quick example of a before after image that I did.

Original Image in ColorTime
Original Image in ColorTime
This was modified in ColorTime
This was one possible version modified in ColorTime
This was modified in ColorTime
This was another possible version created in ColorTime

The app has a very professional feel that does what it says. It also has a nice “rotate” feature that will just randomly cycle various brightness/saturation settings. You can stop it at any time if you see an image you like, and then tweak it a bit more from there. The output files were full resolution for my iPhone 5 photos.

ColorTime is currently listed as $4.99 and can be downloaded on iTunes.

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