Transferring with transfr

Transferring photos is one of those things that is always needed. I was hoping Apple would let us easily get our shots from place to place via the iCloud, but they won’t let you get full resolution images between iOS devices. Thus, I always end up needing to use an app to transfer images.

A new app called transfr was released last month. It is a Universal app so you can run it on your iOS devices, and it also has a free program for your computer. You can send or receive from all these devices by running the app on each device, and you can transfer via bluetooth or wifi.

This video shows me using the app on my iPad and desktop to transfer photos back and forth.

This is a really great version 1.0. The interface is minimalistic on the desktop app, and is primarily just an icon in your menu bar. It’s designed for just sending and receiving, nothing more complex than that. The iOS apps have a very clean interface. Transferring was smooth, and I didn’t encounter any errors.

The closest competitor to this is Photo Transfer App (PTA), which is the one I’ve always used in the past. The GUI of PTA on iOS is a bit ‘noisy’, and the desktop portion of PTA has many more features – and is more of a full organizational program. As features increase it is often difficult to keep a streamlined interface. Fact of life.

Both of these transfer apps do a great job getting your photos from point A to point B, so choosing between them might come down to your preference for interface.

In the future I’m hoping the tranfr program for your Mac will make it to the Mac App Store (currently you download from the transfr home page). I’m also torn between wanting more in the desktop app. Having a simple ‘drop zone’ window to send photos would be nice. Right now you can only select photos, there is no drag/drop way to send photos to your iOS device from your desktop.

You can learn more about transfr on the website, and the iOS transfr app can be downloaded from iTunes (currently $2).

Update: I talked with the developer and he said that the desktop app will be arriving in the Mac App Store in the next few weeks.


The easiest, fastest way to transfer your photos & videos between your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and your Mac.
For the Mac version, please visit (requires OS X 10.7.3 or later)

★ Anywhere, anytime

In the train, at the bar or in the middle of the ocean, send your photos and videos over bluetooth (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad only). Back home, transfer your photos to and from your Mac over WiFi.

★ Limitless

Send a quick pic, a photo album or your latest holiday’s videos without limits. transfr has no limits on the number of photos you can send at once, and no limits on file size or video durations.

★ Slick and simple

Connect to other devices with just one tap or click. The devices automagically discover each other, and connection is established with just one tap or click.

★ Powerful

Send your photos in full resolution with all metadata preserved. transfr is the ideal tool for photo enthusiasts that don’t want their photos to be recompressed or modified during the transfer.

★ Safe and secure

Your photos and videos are transferred directly between two devices, without transiting on the cloud. No subscription cost, no storage limit and no privacy concerns!

★ Buy once for all

Buy once on your iPhone/iPad and install transfr on all your other devices. transfr is free on the Mac.

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