Can I Have a Map with That Photo?

Every now and then it would be interesting to have a map added to a photo. I have a feeling there are a number of apps that can do this but I’d never really tried one. I saw a new one mentioned on Cult of Mac the other day so I tried it out.

Sample output from Map Camera app
Sample output from Map Camera: Append a Map to your Photo app.

The idea of this app is pretty nice. If I was at a new restaurant I could snap a photo, attach the map, and send it to some friends. Or I could just post something of interest to Twitter. So many options! In theory that would be nice. In reality, the app still needs some improvements related to usability and options.

The first issue was trying to get the map attached to the photo. This was not apparent at all, and even after I have gotten it to work a few times I am still getting confused here and there. You basically end up getting images into the album of the app itself, and then when you select the ‘share’ icon in the upper right corner there is an option to ‘Append map’ buried in there. Not quite as obvious as I had hoped.

Trying to determine how to apply the filter is also tricky, particularly when importing images from your camera album.

Once you append the map you then select the ‘share’ icon once again. You’ll have the option to remove the map, email, tweet, save to camera roll, delete the image etc. I think images can only be deleted one at a time (as far as I could tell).

I’d also like to see additional options for the app. Right now you can enter your name and it will show up on the image. But other than that, you don’t get options on what information to display. Having the date/time optional would be nice. I’m also not sure why the city didn’t show up – only the state was there (update: the city is now there in the first update of the app). I was not allowed to adjust the map in any way. It would have been nice to let me zoom in/out at least a bit.

If your image is in landscape mode you get additional information place on the photo shown here.

Landscape oriented image from Map Camera app
Landscape oriented image from Map Camera app. I did not enter my name in the app so the photographer is not identified.

Overall I really like the idea of the app, but it needs a bit of work to improve the usability and add options. It isn’t the highest priority for this type of app, but the output resolution of the image seems to have a maximum value of 1896 pixels on my iPhone 5. I’ll keep this app on my iPhone, just in case I ever need this type of image. Probably not often, but it’s always good to be prepared. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you are interested, and might want to create nifty map/images like this, the Universal app is just $1 on iTunes. [download]


Map Camera is about telling the world (and reminding yourself) where your photos are taken.
Map Camera lets you append a location map to each of your photos with a single tap.
It prints location and time stamp automatically on your photos as you take them.
Filters are selected and applied on the fly as you take photos rather than after photos are taken. You see the world through the selected filter while composing your shots!
In-app sharing of your creations via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email…
No cropping is required when shared to Instagram.
List technical things about your photos (ISO, shutter speed, flash…)
Import photos from your photo library to append maps to them.
See example photos created or edited by Map Camera on twitter/ Instagram: #mapmypic #mappic

We have built in a simple one-tap feedback system to hear your inputs. Please use it before hating us on the Review page ๐Ÿ˜€ Thanks a lot!

Awesome Features:
– Minimalist and intuitive interface design with swipe and tap gestures;
– Append location map to each of your photos with a single tap;
– Print location and time stamp automatically on your photos as you take them
– Select and switch photo formats (Portrait, landscape, square) on the fly;
– Select and switch photo filters on the fly while composing your shots;
– Complete metadata (exif, GPS, …) is retained in final saved photos;
– List and view all raw metadata on an overlay;
– Built-in single-tap sharing with Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, email;
– Import photos from photo library for location and time stamping, and map appending
– In-app feedback system for easy direct communication with the developers. Please use it :p

2 Replies to “Can I Have a Map with That Photo?”

  1. Thanks Raman for the review.

    I am the developer of this app.

    The current iteration of the app (version 1.3) has made various improvements in response to the feedback of our users.

    It now has a separate button for appending map right on top, you simply cannot miss it ๐Ÿ˜€

    The position of the address overlay on the photo can be switched by simply tapping on it while composing or importing your picture. The address can be edited (also while composing or importing) by long-pressing on the address overlay.

    Also, after the announcement of iOS 7, we realized that we have already implemented, coincidentally, 2 new features of the native Camera app!

    (1) Select your shooting format — regular-sized photo or square photo (great for Instagram);
    (2) Pick a filter and see the effect before you take the picture.

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