Analog Camera is Minimalist Sharing

I checked out the relatively new app called Analog Camera for the iPhone. It’s by the makers of the Clear app (a highly regarded ‘lists’ app that I use).

The overall experience is nice. It’s very minimalistic in nature, but this leads to simplicity when using it. If you like posting shots to Twitter in the simplest way possible this might be the app you’ve been waiting for. Go ahead and watch the video and you’ll see what I thought about it. The app is very new and could still use a few features that I mentioned in the video.

Analog Camera is currently $1 on iTunes. You can find out more on their website.

Analog Camera – the fastest and easiest way to take, process and share photos from the folks behind the revolutionary to-do list app Clear!

“It beats Instagram and other camera apps” — AppShopper

“It’s a joy to use and it’s clear a lot of attention has gone into the design detail” — TNW

“I am loving the simplicity, elegant design, and speed of Analog Camera” — iMore

“Rock-solid, easy to use and a lot of fun” — TUAW

“An unbelievably fast and straightforward app” — Gizmodo

Special launch pricing for a limited time!

Analog Camera Features

• Three camera modes to set up the perfect shot, including Manual Focus & Exposure
• 8 stunning filters that make your photos look great!
• Beautifully minimalist, no-fuss no-clutter design
• Horizon line to help you take shots like a pro
• Share with Twitter, Facebook, Mail
• Easily access photos from your Camera Roll and Photo Stream
• Send your photos to Instagram and any other photo app

We built Analog Camera to make processing your photos quick, easy and above all, fun! We hope you enjoy it.

Follow @analogcamera on Twitter for all the news, and be sure to tag your photos with #analogcamera on Instagram so we can check out your creations!

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