Endless Rain! Road Trip.

Wow. This has been a rough month. Our average rain is 4 inches. We’ve gotten 11. I’m really sick of it. Maybe the problem is the heat + rain + humidity. I lived in Miami for many years. This has been worse.

I’m heading off for a long drive tomorrow for a wedding this weekend. I remember worrying about making sure I packed all my lenses, had spare batteries, extra SD cards (or whatever the term was at the time), and all those other things. For this trip I’m just brining my iPhone (and a charger…I still won’t forget that).

Times have changed. Nokia just announced a 41 MP smart phone. That sounds a bit crazy. Pixel over-sampling. Hmm. But times are changing. 🙂

Do you still carry lots of photo gear for long weekends, or do you just head out with your iPhone?

Staring outside from my office. Rain, rain, and more rain. Processed with Lo-Mob Superslides. A few bikes just sit there, and there isn’t much activity on the most popular place in Charlottesville.

While I’m gone, be sure to keep up with all the good sales on Life in LoFi sales page.

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