Memorability Let’s You Make Memories

I still remember going through photo albums with my grandparents back in the pre-digital days when albums consisted of printed pictures. Hard to remember that, but albums aren’t really gone in this digital world.

Memorability is a new album app for the iPad which has a catchy name. Maybe that is what caught my eye. I’ve glanced at a few other album apps but since I don’t really do albums I haven’t played with them. I figured I’d give this one a shot since it let’s you easily share albums with friends and include audio with each ‘page’ of the album.

Memorability is an easy way to create stylish narrated digital photo books for your iPad. Share your photo albums and view those from your family & friends on Memorability’s private social network, on Facebook or by email. Connect in a meaningful way by sharing your memories—not just your photos—anytime, anywhere. Download now to experience the beautiful new way to turn family photos into your life’s story. This is visual storytelling at its finest!

I created a few albums. The user experience with the app is good. Everything seems obvious and it’s really easy to add pictures, audio, and photo captions. To start you choose a theme for your album and then select photos (from your photo library/photo stream or your Facebook photos) that you’ll want in your album. You can always add more photos at a later time (or remove ones you don’t want to use). Simply drag photos from your ‘photo pile’ into pages of your album. After that you can add optional photo captions and then optional audio to any slide you want to. Truly simple.

Screenshot of Memorability on the iPad
Screenshot of Memorability on my iPad while I was creating an album from a recent trip.

I did an album with eight slides where each one has audio. It took me about two minutes – almost all the time involved was selecting photos and then talking to add the audio. After you are happy with your album you can share it with your friends who are using the app, and also send it out as a movie to others. Sharing to others who are using the app is stupendous. You can get alerts when new albums are waiting for you. The album of a friend gets downloaded to your iPad in a few moments and you can see what they’ve been up to. I didn’t test the sharing that is done via Facebook. This video gives you a great overview of the app.

There are a few things that could get improved. The 8 page album I shared via email was formatted as a 5.6 meg movie at 480×360 pixels. Rather small dimensions. I’d like to see that get improved in the future, and since it is primarily static images, I think that the file size could probably be reduced. Also, I could be wrong, I didn’t see a way to share my album via the web. Since the content is getting stored on the web when you save the album it would be nice to have that option. For the cover of the album (first slide) there only seem to be options in the landscape format, and you can’t add audio to that slide.

Although it wouldn’t be simple (from a programming standpoint), I would like the option to swap themes after I started an album. In the current version once you have chosen your theme you are stuck with it.

Overall this is a great nice app for creating and sharing albums on my iPad. I think it would be ideal for sharing albums between between distant family and friends. If my parents ever cave and get an iPad I’m sure I would start doing a nice weekly album to show them what I’ve been up to 🙂

If you are interested in the app you should go ahead and grab it. If you want a bit more incentive, enter this promo code MEMORABILITY when signing up for an account and you’ll get a freebie!

Memorability is currently free during the initial launch, so be sure to download it.

To find out more you can drop by the Memorability Home Page.

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