Moxie: a Photo Filter Extravaganza

Many years ago Moxie was a soft drink, but now it is an app that lets you easily create, share, and apply filters to your photos.

I gave this app a try and found I could easily create filters using a wide array of textures and colors that are available and can be layered on top of one another. The ability to use your own photos as texture layers is superb feature. In this video I show most of the features in version 1.0 of the app. Since then version 1.1 has been released which fixed a few bugs, improved the interface a bit, improved sharing, and added additional in-app help. The resolution was also increased to 1440 px (square). Luckily the video still covers all the main features.

It’s a great app to create filters with minimal effort. Being able to save your favorites and use filters created by others makes it useful today and in the future. I think one of my favorite features is being able to toggle a switch to see the photos of others in the before/after state. Always interesting to learn how people get a certain look using just a few colors, textures, and vignettes. One additional feature I’d like to see is a basic exposure and contrast adjustment for the initial photo. Based on how much the app improved from version 1.0 to 1.1 in just two weeks, I have a feeling more features are coming! Can’t wait to see what shows up next.

It’s definitely worth trying this free iPhone app. You can learn more about it on the Moxie App home page, or just go grab Moxie right now on iTunes.

With Moxie, it’s easy to create unique photo filters from scratch and share them with others. Moxie’s powerful layering tool allows anyone to share the ‘chemistry’ behind the filter they make. Filters are made public to the Moxie network where people can simply admire them, or reuse them on their own photos. Our completely transparent network makes it easy for anyone to be creative.

Pull a photo into Moxie and add multiple layers of colors, textures, gradients, or layer another photo to create your masterpiece. Your artwork then becomes viewable to others who can reuse and re-edit the filter for their own photos. There are so many amazing artists that create interesting and complex photo art and Moxie lets you see the chemistry behind them all! Join Moxie now to see what others are creating, follow other artists, and use their filters on your own photos.

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