Sol: Sun Clock Lets You Find the Golden Hour

As I left work today I realized I had missed out on the golden hour. That gorgeous time of day when everything seems pretty. I’m not sure exactly what time that was going to be, but if I’d been using the Sol: Sun Clock app I could have just set an alarm for the golden hour. That would have been nice…and it would have gotten me out of work a bit earlier!

I did a quick walkthrough (zero edits) of this app on my iPad.

Having never really thought about it before, I really like the idea of this one. When I’m up in NYC for the marathon in November I’ll be able to check out what time I need to be out and about for the good light. Will I get good photos when the race is starting? Guess I’ll have to check it out on Sol. Very simple yet very useful app that is worthy of a spot on my iPhone, especially when I venture to new lands.

If you want to know more about the app you can drop by the developer’s site which has some nice videos that cover all the features. The app is currently $2.99 on iTunes.

PS. Tomorrow I’ve got one promo code to give away for this app. Stay tuned…

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