Sports Photography with the iPhone 5S

Sports has kept me really busy lately. Not the super quick sports that look good on TV, but the sport for the fools. Marathons. A week ago I did the Baltimore Marathon and had a decent run (3:44). In two weeks I’m doing the crazy event called the New York City Marathon. I doubt my time will be that good – it’s such a crowded race that it’s hard to keep a steady pace going for the entire 26.2 miles.

The tough part about running marathons is it takes a lot of training. Long weekend runs really take away all your free time, so my blog posts have been a bit scarce lately. My real world job has also been sucking energy out of me lately. A big year long project is getting closer and closer to being finished. I’m really looking forward to that day. 🙂

A photo I took while running the Marine Corps Marathon in 2010.
A photo I took when running the Marine Corps Marathon in 2010.

So, back to sports. The new iPhone 5S camera has a burst mode feature where you get 10 photos taken in a mere 1 second. For a camera phone that is rather amazing. You can also record super slow motion video (I was amazed the first time I saw that on an iPhone). I don’t have a super new-fangled iPhone, but here are two blog posts from Jim Zellmer that discuss sports photography and video using the new iPhone.

Apple has continued to improve the iPhone’s still and moving image capability. The photos are remarkable for such a small yet powerful computer. I recently had an opportunity to capture a number of outdoor tennis images with the new iPhone 5s.

iPhone 5s & Sports Photography?

Apple and third party developers, including lens makers, will certainly continue to push the iPhone photography frontier.

iPhone 5s & Indoor Sports Photography, Let’s Go Inside

Here were some amazing sports shots from the 2012 Olympics that were taken with an iPhone 4s by Dan Chung.

If you see me running by with 48,000 others in NYC in two weeks, be sure to take a picture of me with your iPhone! I’ll tweet my bib number before the race.

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