Artomaton, A Painter With Intelligence

There are a number of apps out there that will create a ‘painting’ from your photos. A new one for the iPhone recently popped up called Artomaton – The AI Painter. This app can really create some impressive artwork. It comes with two built in painting styles and there are another five that are available for in-app purchase (currently all of those are free!). I tried this out with a few photos and you can see the results in the pictures below.

It is very easy to use the app. Simply choose a photo, choose a painting style, and click the button. The painting begins. You can pause the painting at any time if you like the look before it has been completed. There is a YouTube video here.

If you enjoy creating painting from your photos I highly recommend this app. Currently the output resolution is around 1920×1440 pixels on my iPhone 5 (full resolution photos are 3264×2448).

Artomaton can be downloaded on iTunes. You can see several other great images created with Artomaton on the developer’s Flickr page.









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