Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving! Although it is only Thursday but the legendary Black Friday sales have begun. I’m sure there will be lots and lots of apps on sale this weekend, but the first stuff I noticed was that JixiPix has set the price of all their apps at a mere $0.99. I really enjoy these apps. Here are two images I created with Artoon.

JixiPix has eighteen different apps for both the iPhone and iPad that are worth checking out.

Image created with Artoon by JixiPix.
I gave my face a cartoon look with Artoon by JixiPix.
"Lonely Walk" created with Artoon by JixiPix.
“Lonely Walk” created with Artoon by JixiPix.

If any other sales jump out at me I’ll try to post them over the weekend.

Update: Here are some other sales that you might want to check out:

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