Fragment(s) of Your Imagination

Fragment is a new Universal app that let’s you create some fascinating ‘fragmented’ photos. This is one of those apps where it is almost better to see how it works rather than read my description, so I strongly suggest you watch the movie on the Fragment App website. It’s about a minute long but gives you a good feel for it.

The photo app wizards at Pixite LLC, the developers of Tangent (App Store Best of 2013), have done it again and created another extraordinary app for iPhonographers. Called Fragment, the new photo enhancement app lets users transform their photos into stunning, visual artistry using a series of uniquely prismatic overlays. The overlays break up, or “fragment” images into a collage of mesmerizing patterns and shapes that Pixite’s Creative Director Ben Guerrette says, “mirrors the effect of looking through refracted glass, or the facets on a gemstone or prism.”

Fragment’s users can take any picture from their photo library, choose how they want to crop it and then manipulate the image by selecting from a creative toolbar of overlays featuring various frames, shapes, and patterns. Once selected, the image is then “fragmented” into a kaleidoscope of reflections, depending on the overlay, and can be scaled and rotated at will using simple finger swipes and pinches.

Additionally, there are intuitive shading and color controls with brightness, contrast, blurring, additive, inversion and desaturation capabilities. For users who love spontaneity, Fragment serves up a shuffle button, offering randomly “fragmented” creations that can provide further artistic ideas and inspiration.

I tried this out and it took me a few minutes to get the hang of all the features, but after a few minutes it was making sense. Starting out with the randomization button is a great way to start since you’ll immediately get a feel for the interesting images you can create with it. The reset button is also useful when you want to start from scratch. You can then begin to explore the more advanced controls. I really love the blur feature that let’s you blur foreground/background of the image in creative ways.

Fragment App GUI
The simple GUI of the Fragment App.

The GUI is straightforward. This image shows the advanced controls for adjusting contrast. The app is very quick on my iPhone 5 with no delays when moving the sliders or changing fragment shapes. The one thing I would like to see would be the ability to adjust the width of some fragment lines. As an example, with a basic rectangular frame you can adjust the overall width/height of the exterior of frame, but you can’t adjust the width of the frame portion itself (if that is clear…often hard to describe such a thing with words).

Below are a few images I created with Fragment. The app can be used to create some really nice looks. I particularly like it for the sort of abstract images you can create with it. In the ones I did below I often used Snapseed. In the first one I also used Artomaton.

If you like this sort of effect I highly recommend the app. You should grab the app while it is just $1 during it’s initial launch sale. [Download]

Note: not yet sure about the new ’embedded’ Flickr links. Will have to look in to this at some point. I’ll at least test to make sure they show up on mobile devices after I hit publish.

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