pixelWakker. Funny Name, Whacked Pixels.

Although it has a funny name, pixelWakker, I gave it a try. It’s a Universal app where you can create one of four different effects on a photo: lots of copies of a small images over your image, big dots, ‘lines’ of color, and drops of color. The latter two were definitely my favorites.

pixelWakker effects

The interface to choose the small image in the first effect took a minute or so to figure out, but other than that it was straightforward. You can adjust the size of the ‘grid’ used to overlay the small image or the size of the dots. It ranges from a 2×2 layout to 256×256. Overall, the app does just a few things really well, so if you are looking for this unique effect you should check it out. [download link: pixelWakker]

Fall Leaves

I created this image using pixelWakker, Glaze, and Image Blender. Click on it if you want to see the larger version on Flickr.

Oh yeah, happy 2014. My first post of the year. Many more to come. Hopefully. 🙂

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