365 Days of Self Portraits?

I’ve seen a few apps that let you do daily photos but have never really settled in to using one. A new Universal app called 365 Photo Project came out the other day and I thought I’d try it out.

The app is free so if you want to skip reading any further you can just go ahead and download it.

Overall the app is relatively easy to use. It take a few clicks to find your way around. The one thing that briefly made me think was how to add a photo. I quickly realized you just tap on the date on the calendar. You then get the choice of importing or taking a photo. If you choose take a photo the flash settings don’t remember the settings from the standard camera app, so the flash may be set to auto. I tend to always keep my flash off.

You can export a collage of your photos in various formats. Most of the fancy collages are in the “Pro” version of the app which is a $1.99 in-app purchase. That purchase also gives you access to exporting to other sites such as Dropbox or Flickr, along with ability to export a video created from your photos (you can also add music to it).

I exported one photo from the app as I sat here testing it. Do I look like I just walked a mile through -10F windchill? Just a bit cold around here lately!

Photo of self that was exported from 365 Photo Project app.
Exported to camera roll from 365 Photo Project app.

When I exported this photo to the camera roll the output size was 1000×1458 pixels even though I’d used a full size 2448×3246 photo. I’m not 100% sure if the Pro purchase allows that to go full size or not. I do know the Pro version let’s you do “Hi Res” collages.

Other than the less than full resolution issue, and the minor issue of the flash setting, the app seems like a winner. It is straightforward and seemed to work perfectly on my iPhone 5. One thing I’d like to test, but haven’t had time, is to see if it synchs between the iPad and iPhone version. I’m somewhat guessing no, but can’t be certain.

I’m debating using it for the ‘daily’ photo of myself since at my age it might be fun to watch the grey trickle in. A video of that might be fun. Or not 🙂

Try out the 365 Photo Project. [download]
You could also check out the site home page for more information.

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