Watercolor and Paint, Great Sale on Both

I just got back from a week in Boston and had a great time. A beautiful city. I’ll talk more about my visit to the Apple Store in a future post (got a replacement iPhone), and I’ll post a few photos I took, but for today I just wanted to mention some great sale prices.

Waterlogue is one of my favorite apps (I really want to do a full review soon). My sister is a giant fan and she is a real artist! It creates amazingly realistic watercolor images. It’s on sale for just $1. If you are even slightly interested grab it now. This snowy scene was created with Waterlogue. [Click on it for a full view on Flickr.]

Two paths.

Brushstroke is an app that I just recently started using and it gets great reviews. It has a few little quirks (hopefully I’ll do a review soon), but it can create some really nice ‘paintings’ using a variety of styles. It’s also on sale for $1 right now. This was the very first thing I created with Brushstroke.

Red Train

Both Waterlogue and Brushstroke are Universal apps that will create some amazing art.

Although those sales are amazing (seriously), it seems there are a number of other great apps that are on sale.

Fragment is just $1
Handy Photo is just $1
Photo Motion (by East Coast Pixels) is free.
Stackables for iPhone is $1.
LetterGlow for the iPhone is $1
Halftone 2 is just $1.
Mextures for the iPhone is $1.
Waterlogue is $1.
Brushstroke is $1.

Amazing sales. If you are interested in any of these apps, get them while you can at these prices.

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