Image Blender: Great App for the Toolbox

imageblender logoI’ve mentioned Image Blender a few times over the past few years and whenever I need to blend some images it is always the app I pull out from my toolbox. It’s simple enough and the name says it all – it blends images. From the description:

A simplistic and creative app for combining images with masks and different blend modes on your iPhone and iPad.

While the use and basic idea is very simple, there’s almost an endless list of things you can do with it. Some things worth highlighting are:
– Multi Exposure
– Choosing where and how much to apply of filter from other apps.
– Adding or replacing objects.
– Adding textures.
– Creating your own personalised filters with overlays

Image Blender outputs the full resolution without any limits to the size of your source image.

I often use Image Blender when creating ‘artistic’ images, but mine are nothing compared to some of the ones in the Image Blender Flickr Group. I found a nice tutorial on how to use the app, so you can see the capabilities of the app.

Image Blender is currently $2.99 on iTunes.

4/365 Afternoon Transit
Afternoon Transit, 2013. Image Blender was used.

Tin Man's Desire
Tin Man’s Desire, 2011. Image Blender was used.

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