Pearl Mountain: Collage and Publishing Apps for Mac

Every now and then I pull up a chair and start working on my Mac at home (work is a different story – I’m always in front of my Mac). I tested out two Mac Apps from Pearl Mountain Software: Picture Collage Maker 3 and Publisher Plus. The collage maker is primarily geared towards collage, greeting cards, scrapbooks, photo books, etc., and Publisher Plus leans toward brochures, newsletters, posters, short magazines, and other similar things. There are both free and pro versions of each so you can try them out to see what you think (I’m always a fan of that option).

Each program uses very similar techniques to deal with photos, text, and other graphics on the screen. It took me about 20 minutes to feel familiar with how some things worked. I have a feeling that spending a few minutes watching the intro video would have helped me a bit, but I always love to learn by trying. This is the video for Picture Collage Maker (and here is intro video for Publisher Plus).

Once I got the hang of the programs I created a few images. The first was done with Collage Maker, and the second with Publisher Plus. I’m currently going through a bit of an abstract phase so I used many of my recent creations.

Strive Collage

Art Sale Poster

As I’ve said in past posts, I don’t use a lot of software like this. I’m sort of an Adobe Illustrator, Lightroom, and Photoshop sort of person (when I’m on my Mac…now mostly iPhone and iPad). However, I have a feeling that apps like this would be useful for a lot of people. Go ahead, try out the free versions if you want to.

Publisher Lite on Mac App Store
Picture Collage Maker 3 on Mac App Store

Pearl Mountain has a lot of other Mac Apps, so check out their site if you get a few moments.

Update (July 19, 2015): Collage Maker 3 was recently updated to work with the new Mac OS X Photos program (that replaced iPhoto). I used the app to create a few new images. The calendar is rather fun since I had a few nice images from spring, summer, fall, and winter kicking around.



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