Photos of Meteor Showers with Your iPhone? Really? Yes!

The Perseid meteor shower peaks tonight, but lots of meteors from this shower will still be around later in the week. If it is clear (and dark) in your area, you may want to open up NightCap Pro and see what you can capture. For those of you that have previously gone out looking for meteor showers you probably know this can be a challenge.

Luckily, there is a really nice blog post by the developer of Nightcap Pro that will help you go out, watch the showers, and possibly get a great shot of it with your iPhone!

The picture below, taken using Nightcap Pro on an iPhone 5S, shows a nice little meteor zipping through the night sky (upper center area) as the stars spin through the sky. Really nice.

Stars and a trail
Taken with NightCap Pro on an iPhone 5S. You can see star trails, the dashed lines left by planes, and at the top middle the small dash of a shooting star. Full size image is on the Nightcap blog post.

As a child I never imagined being able to take a picture of a meteor shower with something I carry around in my pocket, and as a physicist I am amazed that I can do that.

Update: Here are some promo codes for a free copy of Nightcap Pro!


If you don’t know how Apple tells you how right here.

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