I’m Back…Just in Time for the iPhone 7

Hi all. Yes, I know, I’ve been gone for awhile. My tweets were not tweeting, and this blog was not blogging. I took some time away from blogging as my real job got the better of me. A big project lasted a long long time. A really long time. Since it ended I got out and did a bit of vacationing. Hiking in California, hiking in Norway, a marathon in Stockholm, a triathlon in Ohio,…and a few other fun things here and there. I even bought a drone for fun. My drone skills currently consist of going straight up, snapping photos, and coming straight down. Definitely fun, and I’ve gotten some really good panoramas from up in the sky.

So, have I missed anything in the past year? Of course! Snapseed keeps improving, there are some fun new apps, and Adobe has pretty much everything on iOS now. The biggest news came out today – the iPhone 7.Waterproof, dustproof, and the dual camera on the iPhone 7 Plus. I’m really disappointed that they don’t have that on the iPhone 7 as well, since I’m not a fan of the really large iPhone. But, I will take a look at one next time I make it to an Apple Store. For now I’ll keep using my iPhone 6s. I still seem to get a few nice photos every now and then (in my opinion of course).

OK, for those that might have missed it, here is the summary of the new iPhone.

I’ll be buying a new Apple Watch that includes the GPS. Really good for runners. I’m very curious about the accuracy of the milage and battery drainage due to the GPS. I’ll let you know once I get it in late October (the currently shipping date). During the next few weeks I’ll be updating the site a bit so things might change here and there. Stay tuned for fun. 🙂

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