My face meets PercolatorMy name is Raman Pfaff and I’m an iPhone addict! Lately I’ve been really enjoying playing with the unbelievable number of photo apps that are available on the iPhone so I figured I might as well blog about it. I’ll focus on apps for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad that are used for photography (and maybe some video here and there).

Most in my family are talented on the artistic side of life. As for me…I am the guy who got his BS in Physics at Michigan Tech, PhD in Nuclear Physics at Michigan State, and then did a post-doc at U of Michigan. I was the co-founder of ExploreLearning and have been with EL ever since (12 years and counting!). I waste my time playing with multimedia, Macs, science, movies/tv, and running from 5k’s to marathons (I got do the NYC Marathon this year!).

Currently I’m living in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Want to help?

If anyone else would like to do posts on this site just drop me a line on the contact page. You can also send me a message over on Twitter.

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