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Some good apps go on sale every now and then. Don’t miss out.

Pixelmator Goes Universal

Pixelmator, a high end photo editing program, was originally for the Mac. It was later released for the iPad. Recently Pixelmator became a Universal app so you can also run it on your iPhone! Here is the overview on the iPhone:

There is a vast amount of information about Pixelmator on YouTube to help you learn all about the app. Here are many videos from the Pixelmator team on YouTube.

Currently Pixelmator for iOS is available for just $0.99. A great deal on a powerful app. You can find out more on the Pixelmator home page, or go grab it on iTunes.

He Said, She Said: Black Friday Photo Apps

As many people head out to look for Black Friday deals, a lot of others are just hanging out at home using their iPhones and iPads. I’m one of the latter. So if you are browsing the web there are a number of deals for iOS apps this holiday weekend.

Created with XnShape and BrushStroke.

Created with XnShape and BrushStroke.

One of the big ones is the JixiPix “store wide” sale. Pretty much every one of their apps is on sale for just $0.99 (most have separate iPhone and iPad versions – not Universal). They make apps such as Simply HDR, PhotoArtista, Pop Dot Comics, Moku Hanga, and many more. I bought one of their new apps called Fold Defy and have just started playing with it. I really enjoy most of these apps. Check out all the fun stuff from JixiPix. A few shots edited with JixiPix are shown in this post.

Created with PhotoArtista by JixiPix.

Created with PhotoArtista by JixiPix.

Another fun bunch of apps that are free right now are the ones by pierre gouglelet with unique names starting with Xn: XnRetro, XnSketch, XnBooth, and XnShape. These are Universal apps. You can see the full listing on iTunes. I enjoy the image up at the top of this post (“He said, she said”) that started out with XnShape.

Waterlogue is a another great app on sale for $2 (usually $3). It’s a Universal app that has no comparison for creating images with the watercolor look.

Deteriorating dreams

Deteriorating dreams by R. Pfaff, created with Waterlogue.

And if the holiday shopping has left you glitchy, you can grab Glitch Wizard for free right now.

For the late night crowd that is glad the rest of the family has gone to sleep after a day of shopping and food, NightCap Pro is on sale for just $1 right now. It’s a Universal app that let’s you get some amazing photos of everything from stars to space station trails (with an iPhone!). You can see a lot of these photos on the NightCap site, and download the app on iTunes.

International Space Station using NightCap Pro. Photo by Grainge (Twitter: @grainge )

International Space Station using NightCap Pro. Photo by Grainge (Twitter: @grainge )

There are many other sales going on right now, so browse in the virtual iOS photo app sale world and see what looks good.

Hope you all enjoy Black Friday. 🙂

Created with PhotoArtista by JixiPix.

Created with PhotoArtista by JixiPix.

Created with Dramatic B&W by JixiPix.

Created with Dramatic B&W by JixiPix.

Watercolor and Paint, Great Sale on Both

I just got back from a week in Boston and had a great time. A beautiful city. I’ll talk more about my visit to the Apple Store in a future post (got a replacement iPhone), and I’ll post a few photos I took, but for today I just wanted to mention some great sale prices.

Waterlogue is one of my favorite apps (I really want to do a full review soon). My sister is a giant fan and she is a real artist! It creates amazingly realistic watercolor images. It’s on sale for just $1. If you are even slightly interested grab it now. This snowy scene was created with Waterlogue. [Click on it for a full view on Flickr.]

Two paths.

Brushstroke is an app that I just recently started using and it gets great reviews. It has a few little quirks (hopefully I’ll do a review soon), but it can create some really nice ‘paintings’ using a variety of styles. It’s also on sale for $1 right now. This was the very first thing I created with Brushstroke.

Red Train

Both Waterlogue and Brushstroke are Universal apps that will create some amazing art.

Although those sales are amazing (seriously), it seems there are a number of other great apps that are on sale.

Fragment is just $1
Handy Photo is just $1
Photo Motion (by East Coast Pixels) is free.
Stackables for iPhone is $1.
LetterGlow for the iPhone is $1
Halftone 2 is just $1.
Mextures for the iPhone is $1.
Waterlogue is $1.
Brushstroke is $1.

Amazing sales. If you are interested in any of these apps, get them while you can at these prices.

Weekend Portrait Freebie

Portrait Painter is an app by JixiPix that let’s you create some interesting portraits. As you know, I really enjoy the apps they make. Right now this app is free, so go ahead and check them out.

Portrait Painter (for iPhone) [direct link]
Portrait Painter HD (for iPad) [direct link]

Here is a self-portrait created with Portrait Painter. Let’s just say I spent a lot of time in front of my computer that day.

Created with Portrait Painter

‘Programmer’ – Created with Portrait Painter