Black Friday Sales

Happy Thanksgiving! Although it is only Thursday but the legendary Black Friday sales have begun. I’m sure there will be lots and lots of apps on sale this weekend, but the first stuff I noticed was that JixiPix has set the price of all their apps at a mere $0.99. I really enjoy these apps. Here are two images I created with Artoon.

JixiPix has eighteen different apps for both the iPhone and iPad that are worth checking out.

Image created with Artoon by JixiPix.
I gave my face a cartoon look with Artoon by JixiPix.
"Lonely Walk" created with Artoon by JixiPix.
“Lonely Walk” created with Artoon by JixiPix.

If any other sales jump out at me I’ll try to post them over the weekend.

Update: Here are some other sales that you might want to check out:

Pre-Halloween Freebie: Moku Hanga for the iPhone

I really enjoy all the JixiPix apps, and currently Moku Hanga for the iPhone is free.

You’ve discovered the fascinating art of Moku Hanga, the Japanese method of wood-block printing. Breathtaking landscapes, beautiful women, and busy cityscapes can be transformed into this exotic art known for flowing hand-chiseled outlines and brushed on color.

The Moku Hanga app, Moku the Japanese word for “wood” while hanga is known as “print”, allows you to create an artistic wood-block print from any picture or snapshot — no need for time consuming carving — the artists from JixiPix do all the work for you! With the power to fully customize your Moku Hanga, you can create a masterpiece artistic enough be part of printmaking history!

Download: Moku Hanga on iTunes

At work we had a pumpkin carving contest earlier today. I used Moku Hanga to create this image of the winning pumpkin. Let’s just say it was a rough day in the pumpkin patch for this one.

Created with Moku Hanga for the iPhone.
Created with Moku Hanga for the iPhone.

Weekend Freebie: Orasis

The weekend is almost over, but right now there is a Universal app that is free (at least for now). It’s called Orasis.

Orasis is a brain-inspired photo correction app whose objective is to restore and enhance your digital photos. Its unique photo correction algorithm, which is the result of academic research, is inspired by the neural mechanisms of the Human Visual System.
Your retouched photos should look closer to what your eyes perceived at
the exact moment your photo was taken.

I tried this out on a few photos and it seemed to do a good job. Here is one example of a street shot I took as the sun was setting. It’s definitely worth grabbing right now! The final image was the same resolution as the original on my iPhone 5 (2448×3264 pixels).

Before/After with Orasis
Before/After with Orasis

Here is a much larger version of the before/after if you want a closer look.

You can download Orasis on iTunes.