My Toolbox

There are so many apps out there. I often have 600+ apps installed on my iPhone and the a good number of them are for photography. My iPad is rarely that high, but often gets up to 300 apps. Every now and then I purge apps and get rid of hundreds. Why? Because new apps come along and old apps fade away. Some developers release a great new product, others decide they no longer want to develop the app (for many reasons). Things change.

So with the thousands of apps out there, combined with daily changes, which apps do I really need? Which do I just like to keep around for usefulness or fun? Which apps are in my “toolbox?”

This list will try to keep track of the apps for my iPhone and iPad. It will be a dynamic and evolving list. It may not be for everyone, but I know it will be for me so I don’t forget the name of that app. The list will start out very small as I do blog posts about each app as I add it. And on that note…here we go!

The apps in my toolbox:

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