A Moment with Momentsia

I’ve got about a million things to do now that 2013 has started, but I decided to take a moment to try out a new Universal app that was released just before the holidays called Momentsia.

The usage is straightforward. Click a little box to change the layout you want. It ranges from one spot to a dozen or so (rough estimate on my part), and the color swatches change. They keep a nice theme for each one, so you don’t have to use every available “box” in the collage.

Once you have the layout you like, tap in a region. With a short tap you’ll then get to take a live shot by tapping again. If you do a long tap you’ll be able to choose a photo you already have on your camera roll. When you like what you see, save it or share it on a few social sites.

It’s a fun app and does what it says. The two negatives were that the output size seems to be 640×1008 pixels on my iPhone 5, and you can’t zoom or shift any of the photos when you take/load them.

Right now Momentsia is free on iTunes.

Image created with Momentsia

Image created with Momentsia. The two individual images that got used were created with Popsicolor.

And just for fun I did a one minute walkthrough video of the app on YouTube.


Momentsia’s artsy yet simple functionality will motivate you to create, capture and share frame-worthy moments within seconds.

Momentsia will become your go-to camera app.

Rather than taking a single picture: select different colorful collages on the fly, then take pictures by tapping anywhere on your screen.

Press on a tile a bit longer to access your camera roll and mix current with past instantly.

Download Momentsia today, your iPhone and iPad will never be the same!

* It’s simple, fast and intuitive.
* Never take a single, boring photo again.
* No need to reach the capture button anymore.
* Capture directly on screen.
* Share moments on your favorite social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Camera roll) .
* No more collages after the fact.
* You and your iPhone/iPad become one, creativity happens naturally.
* The results are beautiful artwalls that become long lasting moments you can share with friends and family.

Game Your Video with This Fun App

I rarely mention video apps here since I don’t play with them very often (I wish days were longer), but here is one that I tried out and loved it the second I started using it.

Game Your Video let’s you do all sorts of special effects and basic editing. From the description:

Creating great videos has never been easier. Game Your Video brings you LIVE motion effects, fun audio transformations and gorgeous video filters to make stunning videos a child’s play. You can also select videos from Camera Roll and apply a plethora of effects while they are playing. This ultimate video creation and video editing app is your one stop shop for all your video needs.

It’s sort of hard to describe exactly what this app can do. In less than a minute I created this video with the ‘Chaplin’ effect in the app. I used some of the fast, slow, rotate, and mirror effects (along with the music). There are far more effects!

This app is free through January 1st. Grab it now if you like having some fun with video. A superb app for the younger crowd, and I’m sure you could have a lot of fun with videos from this evening – New Year’s Eve.

Download Game Your Video.
Find out more on their website.
And lots of fun videos on their YouTube Page.

Sale on Flares for Your Lens

LensFlare, a Universal app, is currently free. It lets you add a variety of lights and textures to an image.

Noir Photo, also a Universal app, allows you to convert a daylight photo to a nighttime photo. It’s currently $2.99.

“Last Stop.” Created with Noir Photo and Lensflare.

The image above was created in about a minute. Positioning lights with LensFlare is a bit annoying, since you can’t zoom in on the image when trying to place the light. Also, if you rotate your iPhone/iPad 90 degrees, the location of the flare will shift. That is where most of the time goes, and of course deciding on a “look” for the shot in Noir Photo. I went with basic grayscale.

First Seven Apps You Should Try on Your New iPad: Just $4

Since today is Christmas I’m guessing there are a lot of people with brand new iPads out there. There are hundreds of apps for photo and video. Many are great. Others…not so much. I really don’t do much with video, and I’m just a casual photographer. If that describes you (or even close) these are the apps I suggest you download to get a feel for what the iPad can do. Keep in mind that I’m limiting myself to just $4, which is a big challenge!

Here are four editors. PhotoToaster has a full version for just $2. I haven’t downloaded the latest Snapseed since Google bought it. I’ve heard that this new version has removed some features, but since it’s free you might want to try it.

This next app does one thing, it touches up imperfections in photos and can even remove people (and other big things) from the photo.

Last but not least, here are two that let you create ‘artwork’ from your photo. Popsicolor is currently one of my favorites for the uniqueness of the water color effect, so I had to put it up here. I’ll be the first to admit that my favorite varies as the year goes on, but I’m betting this one has lasting power. If you want to cut your budget to just $2, you could skip that one for now.

As an added bonus there are several apps in that list that are Universal: PhotoToaster Jr., Snapseed, Popsicolor, and Glaze.

I didn’t include any fun/silly sort of apps that younger kids would enjoy, and I skipped out on the really high end photo editors – which I use, but they wouldn’t fit in my budget. :) I also skipped out on social/photo site apps.

There are dozens of apps I always want to have with me, but I just wanted to give you a good way to get started. Enjoy!

Holiday Sales

If you are just getting your new iOS device for the holidays, or you have been having fun for a long time, here are a few apps that are on sale (or free) right now. I’ve tried most all of these.

  • MPro for iPhone. Free. Usually $1. MPro App is specially for Monochrome Photograph.Has been designed to capture high-quality black and white photography.
  • ProCam for iPhone. Free. Usually $1. A replacement camera app.
  • Fotomecha for iPhone. Free. Usually $2. Fotomecha is a continuous-shooting camera application that simulates multiple lenses.
  • Blux Camera for iPad. Free. Usually $2. A unique replacement camera app that allows you to fully utilize your iPad’s unique features, unlocking its powerful photographic capability.
  • TiltShift Effect for iPhone. Free. Usually $1. This is a new app for tiltshift, I haven’t yet tried it.
  • MiniatureCam for iPad. $1. Usually $3. Real-time tiltshift for video.

You can find more sales on the AppShopper photography page (‘popular’ apps and all photo apps). LifeInLofi also has a sales page.

Hope you are all enjoying the start of the holidays. Here is an image I created using a number of apps on my iPhone. I started (believe it or not) with a picture of my TV set when I was watching A Cat in Paris. I then used Moku Hanga to get the overall look. Using Percolator I created the stars in another image. I then took Image Blender to combine those two images. And to wrap it up I opened that image in Phoster and used the holiday card theme to get the text and the white trees.

Happy Holidays from iOSPhotoApps.com

I wonder if Percolator could add a few shapes other than just stars? Hmmm… :)