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Back from the Big Apple

Wow. Every single time I go up to NYC I love it. I had great weather and got to crash in a great hotel room right in Times Square. I had a great time, and for the first time heading up there I didn’t bring my Canon – I went with just my iPhone 5. Not the greatest camera in the world, but it’s always with me (as the saying goes). I got a few shots I really liked (haven’t actually made it through my big pile of hundreds yet!) and I’ll share them here, along with the apps I used to process them.

Busy Bridge

This one was taken as I walked over the Brooklyn Bridge as the sun was heading down. As always, there was lots of traffic. With the built in camera I used the HDR image (I always set mine to HDR and keep both images). With the HDR shot it is easy to get a bit of blur for things such as headlights of cars. I took that image and used Brushstroke to create the virtual painting.

Staten Seagulls

On this shot I used a standard B&W filter in Camera+ (they have a wide variety of presets). The app is one of the few where the frames go on the outside of your image and don’t cover part of the original image. I’m a big fan of that since I often don’t want to lose anything in the shot. This image was taken on Staten Island. I’d taken the ferry (which is free) from the southern end of Manhattan (Whitehall Terminal). The ferry passes by the Statue of Liberty, so many many tourists ride it on the weekend. Just like me. 🙂

Brooklyn To Manhattan

This image was another one taken on the Brooklyn Bridge. I used the built in panorama feature to take the photo, and the processed the image using Snapseed. I gave it a bit of the HDR filter and converted it to B&W. I like that you can see Brooklyn on the left side of the shot, and Manhattan on the right. Along with all those tourists. [You can see a much larger version on Flickr.]

Two Strangers?

This image was taken from The High Line. This raised train track in Manhattan was recently converted to a mile long park. It’s great for walking (or jogging) while at the same time getting a different viewpoint on the city. At one point I walked past a group of about 15 people that were taking a photography class. I would have stuck around for a bit, but had to catch my train home in a few hours. I used Snapseed to edit this one. I also did a quick perspective correction in Lightroom just before I uploaded it to Flickr. I could have used Persepective Correct on my iPhone/iPad, but since I already had the photo in Lightroom I just did it there.

Overall a great trip. I’m sure I’ll post a few more shots as I get around to looking through my big pile. If of course I find a bit of time. I’m in the midst of being a project manager for a multi-million dollar project (and I’m not getting the millions). I’m not a fan of anything that has the word management in it. I’m a physicist, not a manager!

PS. Speaking of some great shots in NYC, Ron liked one of my NY images so I checked out his Flickr page. Superb.

Camera+ for iPad

I’ve always been a big fan of Camera+ on the iPhone and for those that have an iPad you shouldn’t miss out on the version for the iPad that was released last month. They’ve added a number of features that the iPhone doesn’t have (and I wish it did!), as well as a syncing feature so that things (mostly) sync up between your iPhone and iPad when Camera+ is running on both. The features are:

★ NEW iCloud sync…
The new iCloud sync in Camera+ automatically syncs your Lightbox photos between all of your devices. Shoot all day on your iPhone, and then edit all night on your iPad.

★ Brush on effects… iPad ONLY
Now you can brush on (or off) each effect with your finger so you apply it only where you want. You can set the brush size, softness and intensity for ultimate control.

★ Layer effects… iPad ONLY
Layer two or more effects to create your own unique results. Adjust the intensity of each layer and drag and drop to change the order. Why not mix “So Emo” with “Tailfins”? You have great taste, now prove it!

★ Straighten your photos… iPad ONLY
Camera+ has gridlines to help line up your shots, but you still get the occasional crooked one. Now you can crop and straighten with Camera+ for iPad and eliminate wonky photos once and for all.

★ Advanced image adjustments… iPad ONLY
Perfect your images with advanced image adjustments, including white balance, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and red eye removal.

★ Import from Flickr and Facebook… iPad ONLY
You have photos in lots of places; now you can import them into Camera+ for iPad to apply effects or fix them up.

This video review does a great job showing these new features. I was really impressed with the “brush on effects,” since I’d never actually noticed that feature since I started using the app!

The iCloud syncing is great. My one concern is whether or not it does the transfers when you are NOT on a wifi connection. I use a tiny data plan (just 200 meg/month of cellular data) and can’t have photo transfers using up my monthly allowance. I couldn’t find an option in the Camera+ menu, but I also haven’t investigated the issue.

The other issue with syncing is that the iPhone version of Camera+ doesn’t support the new features of the iPad version. If you use the fancy new features on the iPad, and then try to edit the synced photo on your iPhone – you’ll see a message about the “Incompatible Effects” that says you’ll lose the fancy edits if you try to continue. Hopefully a future version of the iPhone app catches up to the iPad.

It’s also important to remember is that if you delete a photo from one device, it will go away on the other. That is why they call it syncing.

Camera+ is one of the first apps you should buy when you get your iPhone, and Camera+ for iPad is the one you should buy when you get an iPad.

Camera+ for iPad is just $0.99 right now, so be sure to download it.

Simple Shot, Busy Week

I continue my training for the Chicago Marathon in early October – so far my longest run is 16 miles. Between the extra running and work, I’ve been really busy and pretty tired. As I was getting back from a run the other day I noticed some really big clouds had started to pop up just as the sun was heading down. Despite being rather sweaty I grabbed my iPhone and snapped a few shots.

The original shot looked like this.


Clouds/Steeple, original shot.

I then used a few apps to make a few changes. I first used Image Straightener to straighten the church steeple. After saving the image I brought it in to Simply B&W to do the conversion. I believe I used the red filter, applied a bit of grain to the shot, and added a bit of vignette.

Once I saved that photo I used TouchRetouch to remove the phone line that ran through the middle of the shot and the bright ‘spot’ between the steeple and the tree. Finally, I used the Silver Gelatin Effect in Camera+ to give it the tint, and also added the frame.


Clouds/Steeple. Edited with several iPhone apps.

Despite my tiring run, I found it rather relaxing to create the image. Always helps to have a church steeple near your house when looking for a photo.

Camera+ Goes To 3.0

Camera+ is one of those apps that I wouldn’t want to live without. It’s a must have app. Enough said.

Clarity is just one of many great features in Camera+

Clarity is just one of many great features in Camera+

Today they released version 3.0. Lots of improvements, and still on sale for just $0.99. Be sure to grab it if you don’t have it. As many have said, the clarity setting is worth more than that all by itself.

Camera+ for iPhone on iTunes [download].

What’s New in Version 3

★ App icon

The very first thing you’ll notice in Camera+ 3 is its shiny, new icon. It’s essentially the same Camera+ icon that you’ve grown to know and love… but better and much more polished.

★ Dramatically improved sharing

There are two main improvements here… The first is that you can now share to multiple services, or even multiple accounts on the same service, all at the same time. The second big thing that you’ll notice with sharing is the increase in speed. It’s now faster than ever to share your photos online.

★ Multiple photo library import

We’re introducing a great new feature where you can import multiple photos from your photo library all at once.

And we added several fine touches to the import panel. Large thumbnails, zooming to view your photo large, and photo info will help ensure that you’re choosing exactly the photos you want.

★ Workflows

Sometimes you want to shoot a bunch of pics in a row without having to think about things like editing and sharing. And sometimes you want to do just the opposite and edit and share each pic you take, right after you take it. Workflows easily provide you with the flexibility to do it either way.

★ Focus & exposure locks

Now you can lock the focus and exposure of the camera, independently of each other. Photographers looking for the utmost flexibility in shooting will love this new feature because it enables all kinds of creative ways of taking awesome shots.

“Bokeh?! I hardly know her!”

★ APIs

We’ve created a few comprehensive APIs for Camera+. These APIs enable people to integrate Camera+ into other apps and to create web services that make use of the many, many photos that have been shared by Camera+ users.

Several prominent developers have already integrated Camera+ into their apps via these new APIs. Check-out the WordPress, Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Foodspotting, and Twittelator Neue apps in the App Store to see these APIs in action.

And to get all the details on how the APIs work, visit http://api.camerapl.us

★ Improved Lightbox UI

We’re a bit obsessive when it comes to user interface and user experience. With Camera+ 3, we’ve reworked several details of the Lightbox to make it even more usable. It’ll take a couple of seconds to get used to the changes but we’re completely confident that you’ll love these improvements almost immediately.

★ Create web link

Many of you used to use the SMS sharing feature (now renamed to Message) for passing web links along to others. Now we’ve got a much better, easier, and dedicated way of doing it.

★ Tuned Clarity

Often imitated but never duplicated, Clarity is one of the things that makes Camera+ what it is. And now it’s even better, especially if you’re using an iPhone 4S.

★ VolumeSnap setting in menu

VolumeSnap is our birthright. That is all.

★ Status bar in Lightbox

In previous versions of Camera+, we didn’t display the status bar (you know… that thingy with the clock, battery level, etc at the top of your screen) when you were in the Lightbox. Well, that’s all changed with this version! Never again miss picking your kids up at soccer practice because you were editing photos and had no clue what time it was.

★ Improved performance

We’ve gone through painstaking steps to improve performance in several parts of the app. It all feels a lot more fluid now. But don’t just take our word on it… try it yourself and see how much nicer it is now.

★ Notifications

Find-out about Camera+ updates, news, and contests. We’ve implemented notifications so they’re not intrusive and they’re opt-in only.

★ Lotsa bug fixes

We’ve identified and fixed several bugs in Camera+. Thanks to all of you who’ve reported any issues you’ve experienced.

★ Various other subtle, but significant enhancements

“Beware of the person who can’t be bothered by details.”
— William Feather

ProHDR and Sunset

After a full day of rain on Friday I was walking home from work and the clouds finally broke up just before sunset. I looked behind me and the clouds were nicely lit up by the sun with the restroom doors of our outdoor pavilion just below them. I pulled out ProHDR and snapped a shot.


Restrooms. Shot taken with ProHDR, Silver Gelatin Effect in Camera+

Around sunset using an HDR (high dynamic range) app can be very useful, depending of course on the effect you are looking for. In this particular case the two typical shots would be those below. Using an HDR takes the best of both shots, which is really drastic in this situation.

Exposure good for the sky.

Exposure good for the sky.

Exposure good for doors.

Exposure good for doors.

The two images combined in ProHDR.

The two images combined in ProHDR.

Even though the picture wasn’t exactly a natural wonder or anything like that, you can at least see the nice effect you can get with HDR on the iPhone as the sun is heading down 🙂

ProHDR is just one of several HDR apps available for the iPhone, but it is still my favorite. I wrote about several others in this previous post.