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Make Me Laugh: Pop Dot Comics

Pop Dot Comics is a recent app by JixiPix that let’s you create a single pane comic.

Pop Dot Comic is a fun way to create comic-book style illustrations from your snapshot or ones taken of your friends and family. Pop Dot Comic applies thick outlines, bold colors, and plenty of benday dots to newsprint or pulp papers to give every creation the look of one that’s been printed or published.

The interface is similar to all the other JixiPix products. Very simple and straightforward with a variety of styles, along with the ability to adjust the settings of each style to get your own look. You can save any look you create as a preset and you can share the photo in multiple ways (save to camera roll, twitter, Facebook, and more). You can also use the “randomize” feature which is always a fun way to start.

The halftone look can be created in some other apps, but this app allows for greater customization of the look, and some of the line options give you a nice pulp book look with the diagonal lines. I really like that classic look (although I don’t really read any pulp books). Click on either to see it larger on Flickr.

Untitled Beer feels fear

Overall the app is really nice, but there are a few minor problems. When I first ran the app (both on my iPhone and iPad) it crashed the very first time I tried to save the image. After that it seemed pretty stable, although it did crash every now and then (maybe 1 out of 20 times).

There are quite a few fonts to choose from and a lot of bubble shapes (or floating text) to choose from. You can control the alignment of the font, but there is no real way to change the size. It scales a bit with the bubbles, but sometimes it just gets odd line breaks in the middle of a word. The line breaks would vary based on the font you selected since some fonts are larger than others. I’d really like to see a small, medium, large option for the font.

Since this is a relatively new app, I hope these things will get tweaked in the future.

Overall the app is great for creating both artistic looking pulp comics to more traditional Sunday comics. As with all JixiPix apps, you’ll have a great experience and enjoy the final output.

The iPhone and iPad apps are typically $1.99 each, but right now the iPhone app is free.

Pop Dot Comics for iPhone [download]
Pop Dot Comics for iPad [download]

For more images created with the various JixiPix apps, but sure to drop by their Flickr Group.

Pop Dot Comics icon

Description from iTunes

Create a comic worthy of the Sunday newspaper or your favorite pulp-fiction cover.

Pop Dot Comic is a fun way to create comic-book style illustrations from your snapshot or ones taken of your friends and family. Pop Dot Comic applies thick outlines, bold colors, and plenty of benday dots to newsprint or pulp papers to give every creation the look of one that’s been printed or published.

In the past, halftones were tediously inked in by cartoon artists or created in darkrooms. With Pop Dot Comic you can easily and quickly convert your photo into a comic book drawing that’s worthy enough for the Sunday newspaper or your favorite pulp-fiction cover. With a library of included “Fun Stuff”, custom messages can be added to speech bubbles and sound effects will give your creation “POW”. When your finished creating a comic book photo save it to your library or post them to your friends and family for funny moments.


★ Sunday Comics — Creates a Cartoon Photo 

★ Halftone — Transforms a photo into a Halftone Newspaper Photo

★ Pop Comics — Converts photos into a bright Pop Art Lichtenstein-style Cartoon

★ Pulp Comics — Renders a Cartoon with Vintage Color on Aged Pulp Paper

★ Noir Comics — Creates a contrasted toned or blk/white Comic with selective color like those used in the Sin City series

Pop Dot Comics is a professional cartoon effect that can be done directly on your iPhone, iPad and Mac.

•Convert all your images and pictures into cartoon-style effect quickly
•Choose a preset for a quick start
•Use large photos for a high-end result!
•Crop your photo to remove unwanted parts of an image
•Choose between 5 comic styles: Sunday Comics, Halftone, Noir Comics, Pop Comics, Pulp Comics
•Make adjustments to outlines, color, border width, border inset and pulp papers
•Choose between Dots, Lines and Halftones
•Edit and resize “Fun Stuff” and “Bubbles” with an easy one-finger gesture
•Share via Email, Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr
•Save to Camera Roll

Easy to Use
•Tap to edit type in speech & thought bubbles
•Long Press to delete fun stuff and bubbles
•Pull edges of fun stuff and speech bubbles to resize
•Touch and hold center to move


Benday Dots — like those used in the traditional printing process. Benday Dots are two (or more) different small, colored dots combined to create a third color. Back in the day, pulp comic books used Benday Dots in primary colors to inexpensively create the secondary colors such as flesh tone.

Fully adjustable control on all aspects of the process: Dot or Line size, Outline size, Color variation, Border: Width, Inset, Color & Corner Radius.


Newsprint and Pulp Papers


All JixiPix Apps come with: Superior Customer Service, Support for High-Resolution Images & Output, Undo/Redo, Randomize Button, Quick Presets and the ability to create Custom Presets, Cropping with the ability to specify aspect ratio, Quick Preview, Email, Print, and the ability to post directly to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. We also have an online art gallery and invite our user’s to display their artistic creations on it: http://www.flickr.com/groups/jixipixcreations/

Halftone Updated, Many New Features

Halftone lets you add an aged halftone-style printing effect to photos to give them a unique, vintage look. It was updated today earlier today and added many new features. This app exports at full resolution on an iPhone 4 and can make some interesting images.

Here is an image I made from a shot I took the other day. Mmm.

Talking Beer?

For a future update I’d love to see a greater number of options for the page layout (currently there are 9). I’m willing to bet a few more will show up at some point.

Halftone is currently $0.99 on iTunes.

List of new features in version 1.5:

+ New stamp feature with 21 stamps, including BLAM!, Arrrggh!, and others
+ Ability to customize stamp colors
+ Two new licensed fonts, Alter Ego, and Billy the Flying Robot (user request)
+ New fonts include European characters (big user request)
+ Added TwitPic option for image upload (user request)
+ Completely new halftone generation engine
+ Improved “pucker” (pointy) balloon shape
+ New dot gain setting (user request for halftone geeks)
+ Added ability to choose a smaller dot size (user request)
+ Added instruction screens for first-time feature use
+ Ability to reset to original settings
+ Various stability and performance improvements