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iColorama Lets You Explore Colors And More

For those that enjoy editing photos on your iPad you may want to take a look at iColorama. It was released a few months ago and has been updated several times since then.

The GUI for iColorama with several masks in place

The GUI for iColorama with several masks in place

From the iTunes description:

The last touch for your images: enhance colors and apply many filters and image settings.
– Use 4 smart masks for enhancing details.
– Enhance the colors and tones of your image, more than 100 presets combined.
– Create pieces of art applying Sketch, Simplify and Paint effects even if you are not an artist.
– Upload the result to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr directly.

There are a number of things that I really like in this app.

  • It is a rather interesting app in how it lets you use multiple masks simultaneously while applying effects.
  • You have options for basic color adjustments to applying unique effects such as a tiling, zooming, or Escher effect. The “glass window” effect is nice.
  • The overall GUI is rather straightforward and the app seems stable.

And on the flip side, here are some things I didn’t like:

  • The app is limited to 2048×2048 pixels at this time.
  • The app will also become sluggish while dragging masks around. It’s never crashed, but definitely sluggish.
  • The GUI, although easy to understand, is not the easiest to deal with when looking for a preset since it takes a numbering approach. To find a particularly preset you might have to remember you like number 11 on the Colors II preset list.

Overall thoughts:

The app seems to have a lot of potential. When you have an image on the screen you can place up to four masks on the image while applying effects. These masks can be individually dragged, resized, and deleted at any time. You can also do an invert all on the masks which is very convenient.


Created with iColorama

There are a few things that would help to improve iColorama. Rather than just having number selections near the bottom of the screen, change that to small previews (such as PhotoToaster or FX Photo Studio), or at least have a visual indicator to give users a better feel for what the button will do. Currently the masks can only be circular. It would be great if they could be elliptical and linear in future updates. And optimizing the code a bit more to increase the overall speed of the app.

I think this app is worth grabbing, and from the support page it is clear that app is under active development. There is also an iColorama Lite app that you could get for free to get a feel for the app. The video below give an overview of the app, and here are several other links of interest.