Image Blender: Shift and Scale Upper Image

For those that don’t have it, Image Blender (iTunes) is one of those apps you really need. It serves one purpose: blending together images using different modes such as Darken, Exclusion, Overlay, etc. I’ve been using it since it came out, but like many others – I never bothered to read the instructions (far to easy to just start tapping on UI elements!).

Yesterday I accidentally double tapped on the overlay image and all of a sudden I was able to shift and scale the top most image – using the standard one finger to drag and two fingers to scale the image. Great feature! I’m not sure if this was in earlier version or not (the app was updated just a few days ago), but I’m sure I’ll be using it a lot in the future.

The instructions screen (which I’d never actually noticed before) is shown below. There are also two other shots. In those I used the Exclusion blend mode on two identical images. In the final image I shifted the top image by just a few pixels. Very easy to see the result in Sample 2 (although the picture is nothing to look at).

In the past I would do a bit of manual cropping in one image and then pull that in to Image Blender since I knew it would scale the upper image to cover the lower image. Knowing about this feature will help me out. Here is an image I created back in February that made use of Image Blender.

Self 4