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Panorama Goes Vertical

IOS users tend to be brave and from stats on the web 15% of you have already upgraded to iOS 6. That is a lot of people! I’m sure the number of panorama photos on Flickr (and other sites) will start to increase rather quickly since this is now a built in feature of the camera app. Most are used to a traditional horizontal panorama that shows a gorgeous landscape (or just my street), but never forget the vertical approach.

Street view

I went out as the sun was setting and did a horizontal shot, and then I lined a vertical shot. It is rather easy to spin around to get a horizontal shot since you can constantly watch the little arrow and try to keep it lined up. Vertical shots are far more challenging. I took this one in a hand held way and just rotated my hand around. I couldn’t keep an eye on the little arrow, so I was “flying blind” on the alignment. This would be so much easier with a nice tripod.


Both images are over on Flickr, so feel free to view far more pixels there.

It will also be interesting to see how other apps do with these gigantic (20MB+) images. Camera+ crashed on me once (worked the 2nd time) when trying to save the horizontal shot which is slightly larger in file size than the vertical shot.

Updates and More Updates, iOS 6 is Here!

The brand new iOS 6 has arrived and a lot of people are updating this evening, including me with my iPad 3 (aka Retina iPad). The installation went smoothly, but my wifi no longer worked. I would try to connect and it would open an Apple page which said “could not find” or some such error page. Lots of others are having this problem and I dug up enough info to get mine to work. [see update below]

On the iPad 3 follow this procedure:

  • Settings > General and set Siri to off.
  • Turn off your wifi.
  • Go to Settings > Safari and select Clear History and Clear Cookies.
  • Go back to General > Reset and choose Reset Network Settings. This will restart your iPad.
  • Then turn your wifi back on and select your network.

This seemed to work for me although I can’t promise it will for you. The problem is definitely widespread as it has shown up on many websites. NOTE: I’m not sure all these steps were necessary, but it worked for me.

So besides iOS 6, a ton of other updates have been rolling out. Just a few are listed below. Some of these updates are gigantic, such as iPhoto for iOS being able to handle 36.5 MP images. I’ve updated about 30 apps in the past few hours. I’m sure they will keep rolling in.

  • iPhoto
  • Photogene for iPad
  • Halftone
  • FlickrStackr for Flickr
  • Filterstorm
  • Color Splash

This is just a few of the updates that I noticed on my iPhone/iPad. I guess I like them 🙂


Some say that Apple has fixed the wifi issue. Others have reported a solution.

Here Comes Trouble — iPhone 5, iOS 6, and iCloud

The new iPhone 5 is almost here. Two million of them were sold in a mere 24 hours. I’ve decided to pass on this upgrade. My iPhone 4S is a great phone, and the upgrade to the camera wasn’t quite enough to get me to cough up the extra money to do an early upgrade. Even though I won’t get the new phone, I’ll still get to play with the new operating system for the iPhone called iOS 6. It has a wealth of new features including the panorama photo and the ability to share Photo Streams. It will be released in just two days.

I recently showed the new panoramic feature on iOS 6, and the video below shows a bit of the sharing feature. I’m not entirely sure if it is worth watching, but put it up here anyway 🙂

With the new Photo Stream you’ll be able to create albums on the iCloud.com site. The albums can shared just with specific people or the public. Apple highlights this new feature here.

During the next few days more than two million new iPhones will be unboxed. That is two million new cameras. Millions of current iPhone users will be downloading/installing iOS 6. Millions will be signing up to use iCloud with lots and lots of new photos. Millions will be telling Siri to “Take a Photo” (which will now start the camera app under iOS 6). With all this new stuff only one thing can happen — trouble.

Every year when Apple releases the new iPhone the web gets inundated with a LOT of data going back and forth. I’m willing to be that Apple servers will be overloaded and lots of people will be complaining about it. In the last few days there have already been a few issues with the iCloud email and iMessages. During this upcoming week of Apple cheer try to stay calm. It may take a few extra hours or days, but sooner or later you’ll get things up and running.

Relax. Take a few deep breaths. And enjoy your new iPhone, iOS, and iCloud PhotoStreams.

Say Cheese

Panorama Feature Added to iOS 6

The iPhone 5 was announced yesterday along with the new operating system called iOS 6. The new iOS will be released on Wednesday, but some developers have started using it to get their apps ready to run on it.

Apple discussed the new panorama feature during their presentation yesterday.

Panorama feature in iOS 6

iPhone is the most popular camera in the world. For good reason. Photos look so stunning, it’s hard to believe they were taken with a mobile phone. And everything that made the iSight camera in iPhone 4S the world’s favorite is now on iPhone 5 — and then some. The new panorama feature lets you capture everything from a family reunion group photo to a jaw-dropping shot of the Grand Canyon. With one smooth motion you can shoot up to an impressive 240 degrees. The gyroscope, A6 chip, and Camera app work together to create one seamless, high-resolution panorama up to 28 megapixels.

This feature will also work on older iPhones. When you have the camera app open, you tap the Options button and then tap on the Panorama button that you see. After that you just rotate around and keep a cute little arrow along a line in the middle. It’s really simple.

I took this shot at lunchtime with the glaring sun up in the sky. I haven’t done a lot of testing to see how quickly you can spin, but this one was done in just a few seconds. Click on the image to see it on Flickr (full resolution has been uploaded).

C-Ville Pavillion

When you update to iOS 6 (available next week) you’ll get to make nifty shots like this one. The size of the shots are really large, and depend a bit on how straight you kept the camera. The images turn out to be around 10800 x 2430 pixels on my iPhone 4s during my testing. This type of image has problems with items that are close to the camera, since it has a problem aligning/splicing these things together (example is when you stand next to a fence or a cubicle wall) so the clearest shots are the scenery type.

There are a number of apps available that already create panoramas so the developers of those will have to work to include more features than the built in camera app. I’m guessing we’ll see more panorama images on the various photo sites in the upcoming year.