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Pixelmator Arrives for the iPad

When Apple was introducing the new iPad Air 2 they had a sneak peek of Pixelmator running on the iPad. It has now been released!

Pixelmator for iPad

I got a brand new iPad Air 2 for myself (to replace my iPad 3) and bought Pixelmator right away. I’d let you know what I thought about it, but I’m heading to NYC tomorrow morning for a few days of vacation. My first vacation this entire year. 🙂 Once I get back I’ll sit down with the app and see what I think. Here is the introduction video:

You can learn more about Pixelmator for iPad on the home page. 9to5Mac did a nice review of the app.

The app is currently $4.99 on iTunes.

Camera+ for iPad

I’ve always been a big fan of Camera+ on the iPhone and for those that have an iPad you shouldn’t miss out on the version for the iPad that was released last month. They’ve added a number of features that the iPhone doesn’t have (and I wish it did!), as well as a syncing feature so that things (mostly) sync up between your iPhone and iPad when Camera+ is running on both. The features are:

★ NEW iCloud sync…
The new iCloud sync in Camera+ automatically syncs your Lightbox photos between all of your devices. Shoot all day on your iPhone, and then edit all night on your iPad.

★ Brush on effects… iPad ONLY
Now you can brush on (or off) each effect with your finger so you apply it only where you want. You can set the brush size, softness and intensity for ultimate control.

★ Layer effects… iPad ONLY
Layer two or more effects to create your own unique results. Adjust the intensity of each layer and drag and drop to change the order. Why not mix “So Emo” with “Tailfins”? You have great taste, now prove it!

★ Straighten your photos… iPad ONLY
Camera+ has gridlines to help line up your shots, but you still get the occasional crooked one. Now you can crop and straighten with Camera+ for iPad and eliminate wonky photos once and for all.

★ Advanced image adjustments… iPad ONLY
Perfect your images with advanced image adjustments, including white balance, exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness and red eye removal.

★ Import from Flickr and Facebook… iPad ONLY
You have photos in lots of places; now you can import them into Camera+ for iPad to apply effects or fix them up.

This video review does a great job showing these new features. I was really impressed with the “brush on effects,” since I’d never actually noticed that feature since I started using the app!

The iCloud syncing is great. My one concern is whether or not it does the transfers when you are NOT on a wifi connection. I use a tiny data plan (just 200 meg/month of cellular data) and can’t have photo transfers using up my monthly allowance. I couldn’t find an option in the Camera+ menu, but I also haven’t investigated the issue.

The other issue with syncing is that the iPhone version of Camera+ doesn’t support the new features of the iPad version. If you use the fancy new features on the iPad, and then try to edit the synced photo on your iPhone – you’ll see a message about the “Incompatible Effects” that says you’ll lose the fancy edits if you try to continue. Hopefully a future version of the iPhone app catches up to the iPad.

It’s also important to remember is that if you delete a photo from one device, it will go away on the other. That is why they call it syncing.

Camera+ is one of the first apps you should buy when you get your iPhone, and Camera+ for iPad is the one you should buy when you get an iPad.

Camera+ for iPad is just $0.99 right now, so be sure to download it.

Updates and More Updates, iOS 6 is Here!

The brand new iOS 6 has arrived and a lot of people are updating this evening, including me with my iPad 3 (aka Retina iPad). The installation went smoothly, but my wifi no longer worked. I would try to connect and it would open an Apple page which said “could not find” or some such error page. Lots of others are having this problem and I dug up enough info to get mine to work. [see update below]

On the iPad 3 follow this procedure:

  • Settings > General and set Siri to off.
  • Turn off your wifi.
  • Go to Settings > Safari and select Clear History and Clear Cookies.
  • Go back to General > Reset and choose Reset Network Settings. This will restart your iPad.
  • Then turn your wifi back on and select your network.

This seemed to work for me although I can’t promise it will for you. The problem is definitely widespread as it has shown up on many websites. NOTE: I’m not sure all these steps were necessary, but it worked for me.

So besides iOS 6, a ton of other updates have been rolling out. Just a few are listed below. Some of these updates are gigantic, such as iPhoto for iOS being able to handle 36.5 MP images. I’ve updated about 30 apps in the past few hours. I’m sure they will keep rolling in.

  • iPhoto
  • Photogene for iPad
  • Halftone
  • FlickrStackr for Flickr
  • Filterstorm
  • Color Splash

This is just a few of the updates that I noticed on my iPhone/iPad. I guess I like them 🙂


Some say that Apple has fixed the wifi issue. Others have reported a solution.

The New iPad 3 and iPhoto

Apple announced the new iPad (aka iPad 3) earlier today. It took me almost three hours before I got mine ordered. Let’s just say the Apple Store had a tough afternoon.

iPhoto on iPad

There were a number of things that stood out for photographers. The most interesting item (in my opinion) is that Apple released iPhoto for iOS, a Universal app that runs on both your iPhone and iPad. They also released an update for iOS (5.1) that lets you easily get to your iPhone camera from the lock screen and delete photos from your photo stream. And for those that get the new iPad, it will have a 5MP camera so your photos won’t look like a digital camera from 1999.

Help balloons!

I downloaded iPhoto on my iPad 2 and was really impressed. The screenshot above shows the help balloons that you can turn on if you click on the question mark at the top. If you want more info about anything you can just click on it.

There will be dozens of reviews about this coming out soon, and I’m sure a lot of iBooks about how to use this new app, so I won’t go in to a lot of detail, but here are a few things I already love about this app (and I’ve only used it for about 20 minutes) These are in no particular order.

  • Beaming photos is great (although the update bar never seems to get updated).
  • Selecting multiple pictures is a great feature that lets you easily compare similar photos.
  • The “select similar photos” is interesting to say the least, but it seems a bit hit/miss. I’ve noticed that the same shot at different exposures never seems to match.
  • They say it can handle up to 19MP images! I’ve only tried up to 8MP.
  • It feels very fast on my iPhone 4S and iPad 2.
  • Editing tools are really impressive – edge detection for brushes, copy/paste settings, etc.

There are still a few things that are confusing me, but I’ll learn as I play. 🙂

Some links:

Apple iPhoto for iOS Home Page
iPhoto on iTunes (costs $4.99 and you need iOS 5.1 on your device to download this)

And the full description. Wow.


With iPhoto for iOS, Apple brings Multi-Touch to photography in a breakthrough way. Browse, edit, and share your photos from your iPad or iPhone, like never before – all the powerful tools you need are at your fingertips. And with iCloud, you can share your experiences as stunning photo journals.

Use simple gestures to quickly sort through photos and find your best shots. A powerful set of Multi-Touch tools helps you perfect color and exposure, crop, straighten, and retouch images. Enhance pictures by adding beautiful, Apple-designed effects with just a tap. Or use fingertip brushes to apply adjustments exactly where you want them. In addition to posting photos to Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter, you can beam photos between your iPhone and iPad, stream photos and slideshows to your Apple TV with AirPlay, and use iCloud to publish photo journals to the web to share your stories with friends and family in a whole new way.

Smart Browsing
• Use simple gestures to quickly sort through dozens or even hundreds of photos
• Automatically find similar photos, so you can quickly make comparisons
• View multiple photos side-by-side to help you choose your best images
• Tap to mark any photo with a flag, select a favorite, or hide an image
• Resize and reposition scrollable thumbnail grid for optimal browsing in any orientation

Multi-Touch editing
• Simply touch and drag on the parts of the image you want to change
• Touch and drag on the image to adjust blue skies, greenery, and skin tones
• Drag the white balance loupe to make precise color corrections
• All image adjustments are completely non-destructive and can be modified at any time
• Straighten your pictures with a tap using automatic horizon detection

• Use your fingertip to paint photo adjustments right where you need them
• Turn on edge detection to help you apply adjustments with even more precision
• Lighten, darken, and change saturation or sharpness selectively
• Paint out spots and blemishes with a powerful Repair brush
• Brush away red-eye, or use the Soften brush to minimize wrinkles

Professional-quality effects
• Enhance your photos with dozens of beautiful, Apple-designed effects
• Touch and drag to add drama to landscapes with a selection of graduated filters
• Create a perfectly toned black-and-white photo by simply dragging your finger
• Pinch and zoom a vignette or tilt-shift filter to focus on a key part of the photo
• Apply artistic effects to transform your photos into brilliant watercolors

Photo Journals
• Share your stories in a whole new way as beautiful photo journals
• iPhoto automatically flows your pictures into a great-looking layout that’s fun to personalize
• Freely move and resize photos with a touch of your finger
• Touch and drag to add captions, maps, dates, and even the weather
• Publish your photo journals to iCloud as stunning web pages to share

Other great iPhoto features
• iPhoto is a universal app, optimized for both iPhone and iPad
• Create cinematic slideshows of your photos with a few taps
• Post directly to Facebook or Flickr and view friends’ comments on your photos
• Beam photos between your iPhone and iPad, including all non-destructive adjustments
• Use AirPlay to stream photos and slideshows to your HDTV over Wi-Fi with Apple TV
• Print your photos wirelessly on an AirPrint-enabled printer

Some features require an iCloud account and/or compatible internet access.
AirPrint requires an AirPrint-compatible wireless printer.
AirPlay is compatible with the second-generation Apple TV or later.

Adobe Carousel Launches

Adobe Carousel has launched. The service involves subscription costs, but you can have a 30 day trial to start out. I’ll be giving it a try in the near future just to see what it is like (probably not until I finish NYC Marathon – I’m starting to get rather excited!).

Adobe Carousel on iPad

Adobe Carousel on iPad

It will be interesting to see how others feel about this relative to other online storage services that can be integrated between devices in various ways (such as DropBox, SmugMug, iCloud, etc.).

You can find out more on the Adobe Carousel page or download the apps for your Mac or iOS.

Easily bring all your photos together in a photo library you can access from your iPad, iPhone, and Mac. No storage issues or syncing hassles!

Enjoy all your memories anywhere you are!
Adobe® Carousel is the only photography solution that gives you access to your entire photo library from all your iPad, iPhone, and Mac—no storage issues, no manual syncing hassles. Enjoy your photos anywhere you are, and make them look terrific using the same powerful photo-processing technology that’s used in Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom®, so you get the finest photo-editing results delivered consistently no matter what type of device you are using. Create the ultimate family photo hub by sharing a photo library with family members to contribute shots and weigh in on favorites.

Use the full version of Adobe Carousel with a complimentary 30-day subscription. For a limited time only, you can purchase an Adobe Carousel subscription for $59.99 per year or $5.99 per month. Standard pricing is $99.99 per year or $9.99 per month.

•Don’t sweat storage limits or suffer syncing—just enjoy the freedom to browse your entire photo library or show off any shot on any device you have handy. Simply add photos to your Adobe Carousel photo library on your iPad, iPhone, or Mac, and you’ll instantly have access to them in Adobe Carousel on your other iPad, iPhone, and Mac devices.

•Easily crop, rotate, adjust exposure, and make other corrections, or lend your photos serious style with unique Looks. Experiment with wild abandon knowing Adobe Carousel always preserves your original photo.

•Create a family photo library without the hassle of sending emails, handing off drives, and trying to figure out which photos to touch up or use in special projects. Simply invite family members to add photos to your library via their own Adobe Carousel apps, and let them flag their favorites so everyone can quickly find the best-loved shots.

•Use familiar multitouch gestures to easily explore tens of thousands of photos or quickly find and fill the screen with one great shot.

•Simplify your life. A subscription lets you use Adobe Carousel on all iPad, iPhone, and Mac, and you can accomplish the same tasks in virtually the same ways on every iPad, iPhone, and Mac.

•Share those moments that matter by sending your photos straight from Adobe Carousel to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

•Snap new photos right from Adobe Carousel on your iPhone or iPad, and they’ll instantly appear in your photo library on all your devices. No manual importing required!

•Take advantage of WiFi and 3G technologies to use Adobe Carousel anywhere you want.

•Export photos from Adobe Carousel to your hard drive so you can use other apps and services to create your own photo books, calendars, and keepsakes.

•Import, edit, and share all your JPEGs, the most common file format for photos.