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iPhone 4S Has a Great Camera

Rather than play with my new iPhone 4S, I learned how to replace a sump pump down in my basement. We had some heavy rain last week and my old pump decided to stop working. Definite bummer. But now that I have that fixed I’ve started playing with my iPhone.

I am amazed at the camera. The clarity of the shots, shooting in low-light, the dynamic range, and the white balance are shockingly good. There are many comparisons out there between the old and new iPhones. Here is one on Digital Photo Buzz.

I don’t have any direct comparisons, but here is a closeup of a shot I took in a dark room with these candles burning. The candles were really dusty, so that is actually how they did look.

Closeup of a candle

Closeup of a candle. Photo taken with iPhone 4S.

The full resolution shot is posted on Flickr. I didn’t do any post-processing of the image, it is straight from the iPhone 4S.

Candles with iPhone 4S

Full view of picture of candles. Photo taken with iPhone 4S.

I’ve also taken a number of shots in local pubs and cafes and gotten great shots in those low-light situations. Outdoor shots do a great job with the dynamic range (even without using the built in HDR). The other thing that is really noticeable is the speed with which the camera app starts. You don’t have to wait two seconds while the virtual shutter opens up.

I didn’t yet qualify for a fully subsidized iPhone upgrade, but since I am a big fan of photography I’m glad I paid the extra bucks to upgrade to the 4S. If photography isn’t high on your list of wants, then it might have been a tougher decision.

Totally away from the photo side, I’ve already become a bit addicted to Siri. The tough part is it has been down quite often and then I forget how to do things manually. I guess selling 4 million iPhones in 3 days is causing a few network issues.

Like many others, I’m hoping Siri gains a bit more access to the iPhone in the future. I’d love to be able to say, “Siri, take a photo in 10 seconds.”

New iPhone 4S Just Hours Away

Tomorrow I’ll be patiently waiting in my office for the UPS truck to roll down the street and hand me an amazing piece of technology. My short wait pales in comparison to that of Rob Shoesmith. He is about to become the person who has camped outside an Apple store waiting to buy a new product longer than anyone else on the planet. There was a great summary of the prior record holders in this article.

I’ve been following Rob on Twitter (@shoesmith81), and also his blog. Very entertaining. He was the first to report about the loud noise from the motorcycle gang that robbed that Apple Store in London.

Enjoy the new iPhone Rob!!!

Now, I wonder how long someone will camp out for the iPad 3 🙂

iOS5 and iPhone 4S: Get Ready for Lots of Updates

This week the new iPhone 4S will begin arriving in the hands of eager first day buyers and there will also be a new iOS (operating system for your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) arriving at some point during the week (many rumors say Wednesday, October 12th).

iPhone 4S Camera

What this means is that some apps may not run on the new iPhone 4S. Some may not run with the new iOS that will ship on the new iPhone and can be installed on the current iPhone 4. Some people, such as myself, love to upgrade to the newest things right away. However, if you can’t live without specific apps then that isn’t always the best thing to do. Be patient and wait until you see that the app has been updated.

Most developers will try to update things as soon as possible, but sometimes programming problems or the process of getting apps approved can take longer than expected. For some other apps the developers may have moved on to other things and are no longer updating the app. You may end up having to find a new solution for a few apps.

Quite a few apps have already been getting updated in the past few days. Image Blender, Plastic Bullet Camera, AutoStitch Panorama, and Appysnap to name a few. Some are getting ready to deal with more pixels (the 8 megapixel camera in the new iPhone 4S) and are getting optimized for the new iOS 5.

I’ll try to let you know about the updates for lots of the apps that I use, or even those I have sitting around on my iPhone and get around to trying (there are so many apps!). Hopefully all the good stuff continues to work.

Looking forward to getting my hands on the new iPhone 4S 🙂