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NYC Marathon Was Great!

I’m back from NYC. I did the marathon and had my best marathon time ever. Three hours and thirty six minutes. I had a great time in a gorgeous city. I didn’t have time to take a lot of photos, but I snapped this one the day before the race near the “200 yards to go” sign. I wasn’t tired when I took this photo, but I sure was the next time I saw that sign after running 26.2 miles! The fans were great for the entire race, the weather was close to ideal (I could have lived without the wind gusts), and the volunteers were wonderful. It’s become such an expensive race, but the experience is one of a kind.

200 Yards

I used lo-mob to give the photo the retro look.

Pop & Mob, A Good Mid-Week Sale

Two apps that I enjoy are both on sale for just $0.99 in the middle of the week (or almost the middle). Popsicolor and lo-mob.

Popsicolor is a Universal app that I use whenever I want to make a nifty illustration with the watercolor look.

• Turn Your Photos Into Stylish Illustrations
• Amazing Watercolor & Ink Effects
• Yes! High Resolution Output*
• Universal App for iPhone & iPad
• Share on Instagram, Twitter, etc.
• From the creator of Percolator for iOS

NYPD, Ink.

An app that I use almost daily for my ‘shot of the day’ on my iPhone is lo-mob.

Have you ever experiment with your old analog cameras? Have you put a 35mm film in a medium format body? Have you ever tried to achieve Through The Viewfinder (TTV) photography by shooting a picture with a camera through the viewfinder of another?

Take a picture or choose one from your library, Lo-Mob will process it, and give you a preview of all its 39 filters, at once.

You’ll be able to tweak the filter you chose, altering the frame, the vignetting, the color filter or the blurring.


Updates: Simply B&W and Lo-mob

Two apps that I enjoy were both updated earlier today. Simply B&W has fixed some bugs, now includes EXIF data, and has gone Universal. Lo-mob for the iPhone fixed a number of bugs, added additional sharing abilities (DropBox, compatible sharing apps, Instagram, etc.), and included a new filter.

Simply B&W is currently $0.99.
lo-mob is currently $1.99.

'Scream' -- Converted to black and white using Simply B&W.

'Scream' -- Converted to black and white using Simply B&W.

'Tape' -- Created wtih lo-mob using the Tri-Black Film preset.

'Tape' -- Created wtih lo-mob using the Tri-Black Film preset.