Sale on Flares for Your Lens

LensFlare, a Universal app, is currently free. It lets you add a variety of lights and textures to an image.

Noir Photo, also a Universal app, allows you to convert a daylight photo to a nighttime photo. It’s currently $2.99.

“Last Stop.” Created with Noir Photo and Lensflare.

The image above was created in about a minute. Positioning lights with LensFlare is a bit annoying, since you can’t zoom in on the image when trying to place the light. Also, if you rotate your iPhone/iPad 90 degrees, the location of the flare will shift. That is where most of the time goes, and of course deciding on a “look” for the shot in Noir Photo. I went with basic grayscale.

Weekend Goodies!

I recently tried out Pixlr-o-matic (a Universal app), and thought is was really nice – except for the low resolution output. Well, they updated the app this weekend and it now does full resolution. It’s also free, so grab it while you can [download].

Screenshot of Pixlr-o-matic
Screenshot of Pixlr-o-matic

Other apps that I really like were recently updated earlier in the week. Noir Photo made improvements to the GUI which really help out on the iPhone [download].

Snapseed became Universal and added a number of other bug fixes and feature additions (I still want the ability to zoom in on the picture) [download].

Camera+ (a must have app) has also been updated with numerous features, and it is currently on sale for just $0.99. If you don’t have it I suggest grabbing it at this price. One of the new features is the ability to add captions to pictures. I’m dying to try that out later this evening. [download]

And the last goodie is a personal one 🙂 I did my longest run of the year today, a nice 16 miler. I’m slowly gearing up for the NYC Marathon (and probably something before that). I’ve never run a marathon with an iPhone, but I did carry my old Cybershot when I did the Marine Corps Marathon last year. This was my favorite shot of the entire bunch.


Big Fan of Noir Photo

I’ve really been enjoying Noir Photo (currently $2.99 on iTunes). It is a universal app and I’ve found the iPad version much easier to use – the extra space really helps out when trying to place and arrange the spotlight, as well as just being able to see a larger version of the image.

In a prior post I pointed out a few changes I’d like to see in the future, but I am still in love with this app. Here are two other photos I played with (click to see full version on Flickr).

Silent Train

Noir Cheer

Noir Photo = Great B&W

Church using Noir Photo
'Church' using Noir Photo
A recent app to enter the B&W world is Noir Photo. It has an interesting UI and you can easily create some interesting shots by adjusting overall brightness, spotlight shape/size/brightness, overall contrast, and tint.

For the next version I’d love to have the option to toggle the controls on/off so that you could get a larger view of the image that you are working on. When the controls are minimized you could zoom in/out on the image. Having the option for multiple spotlights and additional tint control would also be nice.

LifeInLofi has a full review.

This is currently available from iTunes for $2.99. Definitely worth it. Here are a few sample shots I created. Even some hooks on my bathroom wall look decent. Click on the shots to view them on Flickr.

Ring on Wall King Me (Noir)   Airport Sunrise

Description from iTunes:

Don’t just take a photo. Tell a story. Noir Photo lets you transform your photos with beautiful, dramatic lighting and instant results. Peel away the color to a cinematic black-and-white, apply a lovely tint, and then light up your subject. Touch and pinch the brightness Vignette and spin the Contrast and Exposure dials for white hot thrills and shadow-rich drama.

You tell a story in your photos with the glowing smile on your daughter’s face, or a moody skyline under radiant street lamps. Focus on the part that you love, massage your Noir Photo settings, and come up with something amazingly cool in a few seconds. Use Noir Photo to create bad-ass black, white & light in a color world.

The Artsy Details

• Simple & fast formula: Noir Photo is a fun and easy way to create images that tell a story — with instant, beautiful results.
• Strip to cinematic black & white: Use Noir Photo to replace the color in your photo with a rich, cinematic black-and-white.
• Re-light the photo: A touchable, customizable Vignette lets you re-light the photo to show what’s important and shade out the rest.
• Tint the mood: Apply a sepia, silver, blue-gray or chartreuse tint to further set the mood. Choose from six presets to get started quickly.
• For your inner artist: Battle tested by artists, filmmakers and the geek dad next door, Noir Photo gets your creative ideas out fast.

Fast & Fun Controls

• Designed for play: Noir Photo’s fun dials and buttons look like analog spaceship dials, hi-fi fader controls and vintage stereo knobs.
• Vignette at your fingertips: Touch and pinch the Vignette to quickly highlight and light up the part of your photo that you care about. It’s fun and easy.
• Dial in high contrast: Use Contrast, Outer Exposure and Inner Exposure dials to massage the darks and lights around the Vignette.
• Stay in one place: Noir Photo’s preview area is huge and the controls are minimal so you play fast and never have to open a second panel.
• Works with every photo: Even if you are using low quality images, our specially-built controls protect important details and fight digital artifacts.

The Geeky Details

• Universal app: Your purchase enables iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Supports iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, Gen 3 and Gen 4 iPod Touch, iPad, and iOS 4.2 and higher.
• iPhone 4 resolution: Render has been developed to support 4 Megapixel output on iPhone 4. Support for high resolution 2592×2592 maximum output.
• iPad resolution: Render has been developed to support 4 Megapixel output on iPad. Support for high resolution 2048×2048 maximum output.