Pixelmator Goes Universal

Pixelmator, a high end photo editing program, was originally for the Mac. It was later released for the iPad. Recently Pixelmator became a Universal app so you can also run it on your iPhone! Here is the overview on the iPhone:

There is a vast amount of information about Pixelmator on YouTube to help you learn all about the app. Here are many videos from the Pixelmator team on YouTube.

Currently Pixelmator for iOS is available for just $0.99. A great deal on a powerful app. You can find out more on the Pixelmator home page, or go grab it on iTunes.

Pixelmator Arrives for the iPad

When Apple was introducing the new iPad Air 2 they had a sneak peek of Pixelmator running on the iPad. It has now been released!

Pixelmator for iPad

I got a brand new iPad Air 2 for myself (to replace my iPad 3) and bought Pixelmator right away. I’d let you know what I thought about it, but I’m heading to NYC tomorrow morning for a few days of vacation. My first vacation this entire year. 🙂 Once I get back I’ll sit down with the app and see what I think. Here is the introduction video:

You can learn more about Pixelmator for iPad on the home page. 9to5Mac did a nice review of the app.

The app is currently $4.99 on iTunes.