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Some Great Weekend Sales

Have you ever had one of those weeks where everything you touched seemed to fall apart as if you just threw a rock into a giant pane of glass? This was one of those for me, but luckily, there are a few apps on sale right now to cheer me up.

PhotoToaster, a great Universal app, was just updated to version 5.0. It’s on sale for just $0.99. There is no reason at all to not get it at this price! I’m hoping to post a review of it this weekend.

For those that have a Mac (you know…that old thing called a ‘desktop’ computer), ColorStrokes is on sale for just $0.99. More than a half a million people have downloaded the app. Definitely a nice app. 🙂

For the iPhone users, Lo-Mob Superslides is free right now. I’d never noticed this app before but played with it yesterday. It saves at full resolution on my iPhone 5 and had some nice effects. It’s similar to Lo-mob, which is one of my favorite Polaroid-ish apps.

Another really nice Universal app is PicsPlay Pro, on sale for just $0.99.

You really can’t go wrong with any of these apps. Hope you all have a great weekend.

38/365, Two Tracks
Created with PhotoToaster.

Weekend Freebies Led by ‘Path on’

Wow, spring really arrived here in Virginia today. Sunny and 60. Even though the weather is gorgeous I figured I’d sit here typing and let you know about some nice discounts you can grab.

Image created with Path on (and ConsoleCam)

I added some text using the Path on app. The original photo was created in ConsoleCam (a $1 Universal app).

  • Polamatic for the iPhone lets you get that Polaroid look. Currently free.
  • Path on is a Universal app that lets you add text to a path you draw. Free!
  • iSupr8 lets you create video with the 8mm look. Free. I believe this was used to do part of an Oscar winning movie (or at least nominated).
  • AutoPainter for iPhone is free. It lets you create Van Gogh-ish art (and 3 other styles).
  • ProCam XL for the iPad is free. It’s a camera replacement app.
  • Blux Camera Pro for the iPhone is free. Also a camera replacement app.
  • Camera One for the iPhone is a new camera replacement app (and editor). I don’t know anything about this one, but it is currently free.

That’s all I have for the moment. Have a great weekend, and remember tonight you have to shift your clocks (for those here in the US – I’m not sure how many other countries do this, but I know I’m not a fan.).

Black Friday…ugh, I Don’t Want to Hear More!

OK, I said it, but I’m going to do this post anyway. I really don’t want to keep up with the Joneses, but the pressure is killing me 🙂

Here are a few sales that caught my eye. Below this is a tree that caught my eye.

Note: Seems like a lot of the JixiPix apps are going on sale. Here is a link to all of their apps on iTunes.

Fall at UVA

A tree on the UVA campus was lit up by the sun on a really sunny fall afternoon. A few people were wandering around below it. Taken with iPhone, processed with Camera+.

Hope everyone is enjoying Black Friday in their own way. I’m heading out to take some more fall photos if the weather holds up. 65F today, 42F tomorrow…sounds like things are about to chill out.

PS. How did I manage to forget OSX software? Here are a few things for your Mac.

Gobble Gobble – Holiday Goodies

Here in the states we are about to celebrate Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday in the next few days. With holidays come great deals, and many are already happening.

Fall in Belmont

Fall in Belmont. Took a snapshot of my neighborhood and used Glaze to process the image. It was a gorgeous sunny fall afternoon.

Polatax for the iPhone let’s you get that Polaroid look. It’s currently free.

All the apps from MEA Labs are currently free! That includes many popular apps:

I’ll try to keep you updated as more sales pop up over the long weekend. For those that are celebrating, hope you have a great holiday!

Weekend Goodies

There are a number of apps on sale or free right now that you might want to get.

Laminar for the iPad is a full featured photo editor that is rather nice. It’s on sale right now for just $2.

GUI of Laminar for the iPad

GUI of Laminar for the iPad

ProCamera for the iPhone is currently free. It gets good reviews. It’s not yet ready for the brand new iPhone 5, but the developer says that will happen soon.

Cineverse for the iPhone is a new app that lets you animate your world. It’s brand new and I haven’t had a chance to try it yet.

PartTM is a Universal app on sales for $1. It let’s you create unique artwork from photos.

HDR Photo Camera is a Universal app that lets you take HDR photos is free right now. It uses three separate exposures when creating the image.

Pro Filter for the iPhone is free right now. It let’s you create filters from scratch.

Hope you are all having a great weekend, and for those that have the new iPhone 5…I’m jealous! 🙂