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Simple Shot, Busy Week

I continue my training for the Chicago Marathon in early October – so far my longest run is 16 miles. Between the extra running and work, I’ve been really busy and pretty tired. As I was getting back from a run the other day I noticed some really big clouds had started to pop up just as the sun was heading down. Despite being rather sweaty I grabbed my iPhone and snapped a few shots.

The original shot looked like this.


Clouds/Steeple, original shot.

I then used a few apps to make a few changes. I first used Image Straightener to straighten the church steeple. After saving the image I brought it in to Simply B&W to do the conversion. I believe I used the red filter, applied a bit of grain to the shot, and added a bit of vignette.

Once I saved that photo I used TouchRetouch to remove the phone line that ran through the middle of the shot and the bright ‘spot’ between the steeple and the tree. Finally, I used the Silver Gelatin Effect in Camera+ to give it the tint, and also added the frame.


Clouds/Steeple. Edited with several iPhone apps.

Despite my tiring run, I found it rather relaxing to create the image. Always helps to have a church steeple near your house when looking for a photo.

Simply B&W – Best Picture Contest

Simply B&W is a really nice app for converting your shots to black and white, and this is a great weekend to use it! There is a contest for the best shot. The prize will be a nice printed version of the photo from CanvasPop.

Learn more on the contest page.

And what’s really nice is that Simply B&W is currently free, so go ahead and download it.

A shot that I edited with Simply B&W.


An easy and simple way to turn your great color shots into exciting black and white photos. Simply B&W allows you to:
* Select from 6 different colored lens filters to enhance certain colors and shades in a photo.
* Adjust the brightness and contrast of the image.
* Choose from border options of none,white or black.
* Add simulated film grain.
* Add black or white vignetting.
* Preserve EXIF data(requires iOS 4.1 or later).
* Outputs images up to 3264×3264 as well as a slight border (if desired).

Weekend Sale: Mr. B Ware’s Apps

For those looking for a great weekend sale there are three fun Universal apps you can grab for free right now: Simply B&W, Pixel It, and Posterize. I’ve used all three to create some nifty images in the past. See my earlier reviews: Simply B&W, Pixel It, and Posterize.

8 Grapes

Pixel Stadium

You can download these apps on iTunes:
Pixel It, Simply B&W, Posterize

Updates: Simply B&W and Lo-mob

Two apps that I enjoy were both updated earlier today. Simply B&W has fixed some bugs, now includes EXIF data, and has gone Universal. Lo-mob for the iPhone fixed a number of bugs, added additional sharing abilities (DropBox, compatible sharing apps, Instagram, etc.), and included a new filter.

Simply B&W is currently $0.99.
lo-mob is currently $1.99.

'Scream' -- Converted to black and white using Simply B&W.

'Scream' -- Converted to black and white using Simply B&W.

'Tape' -- Created wtih lo-mob using the Tri-Black Film preset.

'Tape' -- Created wtih lo-mob using the Tri-Black Film preset.

The Appy is Snap(pier), Simply B&W is Grainier

Appysnap, a fun iPhone app, was updated earlier today. I find the app a great random break that reminds to me to at least take a few photos every day. They added several nice features, and continue working on the site. If you like silly little challenges it is definitely worth downloading this free app. I even won a $20 Amazon gift card in a random drawing back in June.

They added a “Snaps” section to the app where you can now see the prior pictures you’ve uploaded. I’m still embarrassed by this drawing I did of a cat on a horse 🙂

Appysnap: Cat on Horse Challenge

Find out more at the Appysnap Homepage.

For those that enjoy black & white, Simply B&W was updated with several new features but kept the simplicity.

One thing I really like on the new settings pane is that you can now preserve the EXIF data of a picture when importing it from your library. If you use the app to take the picture the unedited original can now be saved.

There is now a Print Settings where you can add a vignette (black or white), as well as a border. The vignette option is a great addition. The final change was on the Film Setting where you could previously change the brightness and contrast. You can now add grain to the shot, which can really add a nice feel to certain B&W shots.

Simply B&W Edit Screen

Simply B&W Edit Screen

Simply B&W App Settings

Simply B&W App Settings

Simply B&W Print Settings

Simply B&W Print Settings

Simply B&W Film Settings

Simply B&W Film Settings

Download Simply B&W on iTunes (currently $0.99).

My original review of Simply B&W.